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Nakoda Urban Services using Protexer which offers the world’s leading water- based, safe and effective, long-lasting (up to 90 days) antimicrobial nanotechnology surface protection

Key Features:

1. Applied to any surface, porous or non-porous, the PROTEXER molecule forms a uniform, strongly-bonded monolayer with the treated material

2. The spear-like molecular chain with a Silane base anchors it to almost any surface

3. Drawn to these "spars" due to a positive nitrogen charge at the spar's base, Microbes come in contact with it causing a physical disruption of the microbial surface, as opposed to a leaching chemical disruption, which only lasts minutes after application

4. The microbes that land, or get drawn to, this "spar-protected" surface, are impaled. This rupturing the cell wall, viral envelope or membrane, causes the destruction of the microbe

Key Benefits:

1. Proactive Sanitization Anti Microbial Coating is safe and effective, long-lasting (Up to 90 days) surface protection

2. PROTEXER is a completely water-based molecule. Non-toxic & non-poisonous with an extremely long life so it does not break down like traditional chemical cleaners

3.  PROTEXER treated surfaces are safe to use daily and is highly effective due to its long-term, residual inhibiting effect

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