House Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners.

House cleaning tips for pet owners 08

House cleaning tips for pet owners.


These helpful hints for pet owners provide workable answers on everything from mopping up fur to owning pets off of furniture.


  • Using duct tape, remove pet hair

That's correct. Cleaning is a new application for duct tape. Duct tape is ideal as a quick alternative to vacuuming pet hair because of how sticky it is. It is also effective on car seats. Duct tape works wonders for getting into spots when applied to a sponge or piece of fabric. Wrap a paint roller covering with duct tape, sticky side out. Pet hair can be collected by rolling the paint coat over the carpet or furniture. As the surface fills up with hair, add additional tape. Or you can call someone from Nakoda services for other options.


  • The Pet Food Scoop

I've come across numerous tips that suggest using plastic gallon jug tops as funnels by cutting them off. I've discovered that if the cap is replaced after the top is removed, you may use the top as a scoop to handle potting soil, fertiliser, or pet food. The jug/scoop is perfect for draining water from the boat thanks to the no-scratch material.

We made this scoop out of an emptied half-gallon milk jug by cutting it at an angle and lengthening the side that is opposite the handle so that it resembles a scoop rather than a funnel.


  • Pet stains and odours are removed by enzymes.

Pet stain removal with enzyme treatments is simple; simply spray or dab them on the mark as directed. The products include safe microorganisms that "digest" the organic substances responsible for the stench. The bacteria starve to death when the organic stuff is gone. The entire procedure will take up to an hour to a few weeks. To maintain the bacteria's health and moisture, some manufacturers advise covering the region with plastic or a damp cloth.


  • Cat Litter for Quick Cleaning

With the help of this clever technique, you may reduce the time it takes to pick up your trash by half. Before putting the litter in your litter pan, line it with a plastic grocery bag.


  • Some animals enjoy chewing on the wiring in and around the house. Destroying your computer cords is not only risky but also quite annoying. Wrap the cords in a split, flexible plastic conduit, which you can purchase at home improvement and auto supply stores, to solve the problem. The cords only need to be trimmed to the proper length and inserted into the post slot. Your pet will eventually grow bored with the cables. If only you could convince him to stop gnawing on your slippers!


  • Pet Deterrent for Furnishings.

Put plastic carpet protectors on their preferred perch with the prickly side facing up to train your pets to remain off the furniture. The shields can be cut to the required size using cutters or a utility knife, and are offered in stores for office supplies and the carpet/flooring section of home centres. Because of the plastic fangs, your pet will learn to connect the couch with being uncomfortable. Soon they will end up leaving the comfy recliner to you and look for cosier places to unwind. Just keep in mind to take the protector off before you take a seat.


  • A Quick Method for Pet Hair Removal

StickySheets can help to tidy up after your pet much simpler if it sheds. The sheet only has to be pressed up to the furniture after the backing has been removed. Application is made simpler because the 24 x 36-inch sheets won't attach even while the hair attaches to the sheet. Up to three reuses of the sheets are permitted.


  • Bath Time is simpler.

Create a dog bathing station in your bathroom to make bath time more relaxing and simple. Fur won't get caught in the drain if you cover it with a hair catcher. To stop your dog from slipping, make a hole in some kind of bath mat so that it may fit over the drain and be placed in the shower. Having more control and being able to prevent getting water in your pet's ears is made possible by using a handheld sprayer. Bath day will be a lot more enjoyable for everyone concerned.


  • With stain and varnish, you may cover up superficial claw scratches and marks on wood doors. Gel stains are effective at matching the current finish.


  • Using baking soda, clean the upholstery

Your pantry may hold the key to eliminating cat odour. If your sofa or cushioned chair has a strange pet odour, use this helpful tip: Give the cloth a good sprinkle of normal baking soda and leave it in the mixture to sit for 20 minutes. Baking soda will assist in removing odours and dissolving some light stains on the fabric.


With either a pressure washer or a hose adaptor for your large vacuum, get rid of the baking soda—and that musty smell—after about 20 minutes.


  • Utilise a vacuum rather than brushing the pet!

Use the vacuum's upholstery adapter to brush your pet instead of brushing them first and vacuuming up the fur. To avoid having to spend additional time cleaning, the vacuum picks up all the stray fur.


  • Clean Litter Container

It's not spectacular, but it is a cheap solution to keep litter where it belongs—in the litter box. Draw an aperture on the edge of something like a plastic storage bin, then cut out the entrance with a razor-sharp knife by pushing it into the plastic. Put the litter in, and your cat might handle the rest.


  • Streamlined Pet Food Dispenser.

If you construct this bin, you can get rid of the wrinkled bag of dog kibble that is sitting on the basement floor and fill the dog container with a simple flick of the finger. The food can be dispensed directly into the dish from this bin, which can accommodate two 20-lb bags of food with ease. To prevent the cat from feeling envious, you might store two different kinds of food. Food enters the plate when you slide open the "blast gate." The filling is made simple with a hinged lid.


  • Avoid Scratches by Using Door Covers

With a piece of plastic, you can shield your doors against your pet's claws. Plexiglas or plastic 1/8" or thinner can be purchased at any home improvement store. To fit just within the door sills and to be one foot over your dog's reach, cut the Plexiglas to that height. A utility cutter and a straightedge can also be used to cut Plexiglass, which most home stores will do for you. Use a 3-inch hole saw to construct a slit for the doorknob if you have a big dog and require plastic above it. 3/4-in. roundhead timber screws are used to attach the Plexiglas to that same door.


  • Saving Couch using Aluminium Foil

Aluminium foil can be used to keep cats off the couch. Set a foil piece you've torn off that will conceal the top of the furniture on the cushions. Cats can't stand the sensation or sound of the foil, so they'll leap off right away.


  • Dog bathing fur filters

You're asking for a blocked drain if you bathe your dog mostly in the bathroom or shower. Use a mesh-style scrubbing pad to prevent fur away from the drain. In the shower, use a bobby pin to secure the pad to that same drainage plate. Put two pads underneath the plug from opposite sides of a bathtub. While catching fur, the pads allow water to pass through.


  • Tip-Proof Sprinkler Can

Some dogs find it difficult to understand that you don't need to enter the drip pan to get a drink. Make a tip-proof feeding dish from an old Casserole cake pan instead of having to refill their dishes ten times every day. Put a nail through the pan's centre hole. Your dog will now need to discover other ways to occupy itself.


  • Pet Food Dishes That Resist Ants

A pet's feeding bowl is frequently a summertime favourite location for ants. Here is a quick method to stop them from consuming your dog's or cat's food: In some kind of a pan of water, place the dish. It also allows your pet to drink from the pan when they need a drink while keeping ants out from the pet food.


Additionally, it's time for a good clean every week or so, which involves emptying the litter, rinsing the box completely with sudsy water, and possibly even applying a bleach solution.

However, it's advised that you get a fresh litter box once at least every year. No matter how many cats you have, doing this will maintain a clean and fresh smell in your home.

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