10 most common electrical problems in a home

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If we consider household electric appliances, you must be sure of your safety to avoid any mishappenings caused by the electrical appliances. If you have to pay high electric bills, you can not always blame the electricity board. Moreover, flickering lights and damaged appliances at your home can also signify that the home circuit is not properly working.

Common electrical problems in home

The most common electrical problems are not a cause of concern, but you can avoid more damage if you look at these problems on time and repair your electrical wires and other electrical devices as soon as possible. Here are some most common electrical problems that we all face at our home. 

Surges in electrical devices 

A surge can occur if you don't have proper wiring. It can also happen if lightning strikes your electrical devices or you have faulty appliances or damaged power lines at your home. Surges are the most common electrical problems, and they can last for a microsecond. However, if you experience frequent surges or a loose wire in your electrical devices, it can cause damage to your devices.

Overload on your power system 

The light fixture at your home consists of a bulb or other fitting to cope with higher watts than the right power consumption capacity. Overload is considered a code violation, and the risk level is also higher. The high heat that releases from the bulb melts the socket and insulation present in the fixture's wires. As a result, it can cause sparks from one wire to another and even lead to an electrical short circuit. This problem can completely damage the socket and the wire. 

Sags and dip in power 

Sags dips are also considered the most common electrical problem in home. This can occur if the power grip has some fault and you connect your electrical appliances. It can also occur when you choose low-quality materials for your power grid. It can damage the appliance and consume more power causing high electricity bills. 

Uncovered junction box 

The junction box at your house consists of several wires. The wires are connected. If the junction box remains uncovered, a person can get an electrical shock from a damaged wire. This is also considered a code violation resulting in an electrical short or death. Thus you must cover the junction box well to avoid damage to you and your family. 

Flickering lights at your home 

It is the most common, and we have all experienced frayed wiring when there is high wind outside. It can cause a short circuit when the cables move. Even if it is not a code violation, it can cause a fire. You must contact an electrician urgently to replace the Weatherhead.

Broken or damaged switches 

A broken or damaged switch is the most common electrical problem. It can cause an electric shock or damage to your electric device. Moreover, you can not use your electrical device connected to the damaged switch. So, you must replace the broken or damaged switch and get a new one. 

Electric shocks 

You have more chances of electrical problems at the home, including an electric shock, if you live in an older home and the circuits are also older. An electric shock may occur when you switch on or off an electrical device. The appliance or the wiring may be the cause of an electric shock. You can check the device or socket with other electrical appliances, and You can also contact an electrician to get better solutions. 

Damaged light lambs 

Damages in the electric lambs are also the most common problem. Lambs can get damaged because of high voltage or if there is any insulation near the lamb. It can also occur if there is any damage in the wiring or if there is more wattage on a dimmer switch. 

High electricity bill 

You can experience high electricity bills if you have overconsumption of electricity or use several electronic devices. A high electricity bill is also evident with a faulty wiring system in your house. 

Tripping breaks in the circuit 

Sometimes, they can get tripped if you connect several heavy electrical devices to one circuit. You must find out the cause of tripping and try not to plug several heavy electrical devices into one circuit.


So, you can save your electricity bill and avoid major accidents at your home with the knowledge of the common electrical problems. Try to solve the electrical problems as soon as possible by contacting an electrician. 

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