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Nakoda Urban Services
About Us

About Us

Nakoda Urban Services was established 10 years ago with a promise to provide customers with a clean and safe environment in personal and commercial spaces. In our organization, we are equipped with advanced technology and all the right tools, equipment that helps us provide satisfactory results to the customers. We serve as your reliable partner for professional home cleaning services, paint services, sanitization services, commercial cleaning services, and pest control services. Our trained staff members specialize in delivering a quality service experience in helping you get rid of pesky pests, termites, cockroaches, bugs through pest services.

We specialize in: making your windows shine with window cleaning services, sparkling up the corners of your home, up-keep the condition of your mattresses, carpets. We also offer kitchen cleaning services, chair cleaning, and sofa dry cleaning services, providing professional sanitization services. Now, revamp the overall look of your home with the help of a skilled house painting expert and carpenter in India by booking from us. 

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Why Nakoda Urban Services ?

We are here to make your life easier with our wide range of services!

At Nakoda Urban Services, we have an in-house team of skilled professionals who undergo intensive training which helps them attain specialization in their work. We have access to premium technology, which enhances the overall experience efficiently. Get in touch with our team to seamlessly manage the complicated and time-consuming tasks such as at-home cleaning, painting, plumbing, sanitization, pest control and much more! With our comprehensive approach and tangible solutions, we have raised the industry's bar by facilitating the overall experience through well-trained staff and professional supervision.

We follow the 3 S of deep cleaning process: Scrub, Sanities and Shine!

Trained Staff

Each one of our staff members undergoes training programs which means you can rely on our services! Are you stressing over finding a reliable painter and your Google search history includes "Painter near me"? In our troop, we have experienced cleaning experts, skilled painters, and carpenters widely known for systematically performing all the tasks. We have been providing quality solutions to the customers for more than 10 years. Call us now, and our certified experts will be at your doorstep with all the necessary set of equipment.

Cleaning Agents

Hygiene is of utmost significance to live a healthy life. You do not have to go through the hardship of cleaning every corner of your home. With our experienced cleaning services experts, now you can sit back and sip your cup of coffee! We ensure using eco-friendly cleaning solvents and solutions that maintain the quality and overall look of your favourite furniture, upholstery, the flooring, and instead leave it all shiny! Good riddance from the harmful chemicals that possess great harm to your health as well as deteriorates the condition of your home!

Advanced Technology

We are equipped with all the necessary equipment essential for carrying out deep cleaning services to ensure that every corner of your home is squeaky clean and germ-free. Nakoda Urban Services reaches your doorstep with polishing machines, vacuum cleaners, HEPA filters, government-approved fogger disinfectant tools, buffer machines, etc. With our services, you are sure to enjoy a spotless area which

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What Services Do We Specialize In?

Cleaning Services : Looking for a way to deep-clean your home or office space but do not have the time or energy? Book professional cleaning services from Nakoda Urban Cleaning and enjoy effortlessly clean areas with our effective strategies, tools and techniques that will provide you with a heightened level of peace and sense of satisfaction. Whether you are searching for home cleaning experts or someone who knows how to restore the health of the surroundings at your office space, we have got it covered for you!

Carpentry Services : Get the carpenter coming at your doorstep instead of cluelessly searching for a "carpenter near me"! The skilled carpenters from our team ensure that your work gets done with precision and on time. Whether you want to get the old doorknobs and hinges replaced or build new cabinets, the workmanship of our experienced workers will leave you impressed!

Paint Services : Are you looking for a way to revamp the look of your home? Or is it that you wish to colour the new site? Our paint service experts are known for bringing what it gets to level up the style of your space. Book a house painter from our team and experience the magic by yourself.

Plumbing Services : If you are experiencing issues with leakages in your taps, broken pipelines, problematic toilet flush, low water pressure that is hindering your daily life then it is time you call our plumbing services experts and all the plumbing related issues with ease.

Sanitization Services : Maintain the hygiene of residential or commercial spaces with our specialized sanitization services. Our team has access to all the appropriate tools and disinfecting agents required to create a germ-free environment in your premises. This is the best way to live a healthy life and keep diseases at bay.

Movers And Packers : We are your reliable movers and packers who specialize in handling the tedious tasks with our skilled movers, transporters and drivers. Whether you are about to relocate from your home or shifting your workplace to another location, we have our experienced logistics services to ease up the complex tasks for you which allow you to take the breath of relief and enjoy your new surroundings.

Interior Designing Services : We have a troop of professional interior designers who help you with the planning, designing and execution of revamping the look of your professional or commercial space. We offer you with clever designing suggestions that are trendy and suit your needs. After all, who doesn't like an aesthetically pleasing space which has every aspect in-tune?

Electrician Services : Book an electrician from our team equipped with the advanced machinery to solve all your issues in time. The electricians from our team can repair your home appliances, help you with installation and do every bit of your electricity-related fixes at home.

Pest Control Services : Get rid of unhygienic surroundings due to pests hiding in the corners of your home, mattress, refrigerator and the spots you are unaware of! Our pest service experts make sure that your home is entirely safe after our pest-repelling operation. All this is done without disturbing the health of your domestic or commercial space. We use no-toxic disinfectants that do not pose harm to your health.

What Cleaning Services Do We Offer?

House Cleaning : Our house cleaning service masters will make your home look clean, fresh and relieve it from any foul odour.

Kitchen Cleaning : The experts from our team have the machinery to scrub away all the dirt accumulated on the kitchen top, walls, cabinets and revamp the look of your kitchen!

Bathroom Cleaning : We have specialized bathroom cleaning professionals that will scrub and wipe your tiles, making your bathroom sparkling new!

Sofa Cleaning : We are equipped with mechanized sofa cleaning tools and machinery to deep clean your sofa, dry clean and sanitize it, removing all the stains.

Chair Cleaning : The skilled chair cleaning experts from our team have the right cleaning agents that will sanitize your chairs while also maintaining the look and health of its upholstery.

Window Cleaning : Get rid of dirty looking window glasses, window panes and frames with our intensive window cleaning services.

Facade Cleaning : We take care of your facade cleaning without imposing any damage to it. Get the job done by a specialist and enjoy clean looking facades in no time!

Glass Cleaning : : Our in-house glass cleaning experts take care of your fragile glass windows, doors and leave it spotless and dust-free for a long life span.

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