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Nakoda provides three types of elderly service plans. 1. Nakoda Elderly Basic Plan 2. Nakoda Elderly Advance Plan 3. Nakoda Elderly Comprehensive Plan. We cover all range of services like washroom cleaning, fans cleaning, full home deep cleaning, ac service, carpenter, painter, plumber etc.
Nakoda hosts all elderly packages online. Clicking on service details of same will provide comprehensive details of all plans.
Nakoda takes complete guarantee of providing all services on time. Sometimes there will be delay of one day in providing services due to unavailability of Nakoda partner.
If for any reason you need to cancel the subscription, we would adjust amount for services availed and refund the balance amount.
1. Only trusted, verified and premium professionals will provide services. 2. Safety and security of elderly will be Nakoda’s responsibility during service hours. 3. Saves from online payment fraud, payments will be managed by Nakoda. 4. Starting Basic Plan - All types of cleaning & appliance repair services covered. 5. All inspection visits free of cost. 6. Free AC Service & checkup (Unlimited in comprehensive plan). 7. Free carpenter/plumber/electrician visits (Unlimited in comprehensive plan). 8. Washroom Deep Cleaning covered. Coverage of deep home cleaning/pest control in advance/comprehensive plans 9. Surprise Balloon decoration for elderly parents in comprehensive plan. 10. Hair grooming/Manicure/Pedicure at home covered in comprehensive plan. 11. Hassle free, timely and quality delivery of services.
Your presence allows us to deliver the highest quality of service tailored to your needs. It ensures that our team can communicate effectively with you, address any specific instructions or preferences, and make any necessary adjustments based on your feedback during the service.
Our operating hours are from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, Monday To Sunday.
You can book our elderly services plan through website, mobile app, phone call, or by connecting with us on chat /email.
If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please don't hesitate to let us know so that we can address them promptly. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us on chat/ phone call / email.
Payment methods accepted: You may book services using Credit/debit cards, online payment platforms.