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Services Included in Chair Cleaning Services:

  • Proper dry cleaning of your chairs by our trained staff members.
  • Vacuum cleaning to ensure no speck of dust remains on your chairs.
  • Comprehensive spot treatment on the regions ruined due to food spillage, etc.
  • Sofa cleaning with soft foam sponge and safe chemicals that do not ruin the material quality of your chairs.

Benefits Of Our Chair Cleaning Package:

Nakoda Urban Services is known for providing premium quality cleaning services all across India. Here's why you can leave the tedious cleaning job on us:

  • Complete elimination of dust particles from the chairs.
  • Stain removal and upliftment of the overall look of your chairs with shine restoration.
  • Cleaning agents used by our team are completely safe to use and increases the longevity of your chairs.
  • Freedom from harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Professionally deeply cleaned chairs within a span of 2-3 hours. 
  • Cost-effective rates for deep chair cleaning services in all Indian regions.
  • Makes your chairs free from bad odors.

Material And Equipment Used in Chair Cleaning Services:

Our team reaches your doorstep equipped with all the tools and machines that provide you an elevated experience during chair cleaning. 

  • We have access to the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners in the industry.
  • Our cleaning services experts have their own set of bucket, sponge, soft brush, mug, and duster. 
  • We ensure using cleaning agents that are safe to use on your chairs and do not pose any harm to their quality, material, or shine. 

Safety Measures Followed By Experts At Nakoda Urban Services

  • We take proper health safety measures and conduct daily temperature and hygiene checks at our cleaning facility under the supervision of professional hygiene experts.
  • The hygiene experts in our team have access to PPE equipment, gloves, masks, shoe covers, etc. 
  • Validation of daily health status on the Arogya Setu App is mandatory for all staff members.
  • Contactless services by our professional chair cleaning team for the complete safety of our customers. 

Chairs are undoubtedly our true companions at all times. Whether you are working on a crucial project or just relaxing for a bit, a chair is always there to give you the most comfortable time. Chairs are the most important aspect of both, personal and professional spaces. This means, it also requires proper maintenance otherwise it becomes home to several bacteria and germs in no time. Chair cleaning services by Nakoda Urban Services is your best and most trusted solution that will restore the health of your chairs and provide them with a fresh look! 

Whether at home or in the office, chairs become vulnerable due to constant human interaction, dust particles, and various allergens in the environment. This calls for a full-blown cleaning of your beloved furniture. Our cleaning services experts are surely going to make your experience worthwhile and give you a run for your money. 

Call us now for professional chair cleaning services in any region of India!