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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

The food we cook is an expression of love. Indian cuisine is famous for its varied taste and intricate cooking style. Unfortunately this pride heritage is accompanied with a stained and greasy cooking environment. Cleanliness in kitchen is the first step towards hygienic food preparation and serving. From platforms to cabinets, cook tops, chimneys and washing sink- we remove the most stubborn dirt & grime hidden from everyday cleaning. NDC pride in offering  a team experienced experts in upkeep of heart of your home.

•   Remove cobwebs

•   All Electric appliances (from outside only)

•   Stove and burners

•   Damp clean cabinets from outside

•   Vacuum and steam mop floors and skirting

•   Clean sinks

•   Garbage removal

•   Clean glass windows from inside

•   Clean refrigerator from outside including top

•   Clean light fixtures (accessible)

•   Clean Exhaust Fan (not chimney)

•   Clean ceiling fan

•   Clean Door, Door frames and door handles

•   All Stainless steel and chrome fittings – cleaned and polished

•   Wall Dusting

•.  Switch Boards