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Our homes get exposed to various germs and dust particles daily which gives rise to contagious diseases, leading to poor health. Self-cleaning of your home is not enough sometimes. You need proper deep home cleaning services that instantly lift up the condition of your intimate space by eliminating all the mess, leaving it sparkling and fulfilled with positivity.

Nakoda Urban Services is your reliable house cleaning companion that offers comprehensive cleaning solutions for your home in every corner of India. We have a team of certified cleaning professionals who ensure taking complete care of your living space. Our squad is equipped with the advanced machinery essential for the upkeep of your home. With Nakoda Urban Services, there's no need to compromise with your comfort! Stay assured about the quality of cleaning chemicals that we use is completely safe for your loved ones' health. Our esteemed clientele stands testimony for our top-notch quality of services with positive results.

Our Services

House Cleaning Services: Our house cleaning professionals have in-depth experience in offering supreme quality residential cleaning that does not even leave a speck of dust behind. It is the best way to keep your surroundings spotless and maintain hygiene, making your house smell good.

Sofa Cleaning Services: At Nakoda Urban Services, we have a team of staff that goes under full-fledged sofa cleaning modules, which does not hamper the quality of your sofa's upholstery or body. Let us help you with the meticulous task of going deep to restore the health of your couch.

Kitchen Cleaning Services: Your kitchen is an essential part of your home where you prepare your meals, which eventually greases your walls, tiles, exhaust fans, and leaves ugly stains. We offer kitchen cleaning services, including de-scrubbing kitchen sink and taps, de-greasing exhaust, fans, chimney, cleaning the tiles, floors with high-end cleaning solution.

Bathroom Cleaning Services: Who doesn't like a clean bathroom with spotless flooring and tiles? The bathroom cleaning specialists in our team are well-trained in performing the necessary procedures that are crucial for reaching your bathroom's hidden regions. We ensure the taps, wash-basin, bathtub, door, knobs, window, and everything else is squeaky clean.

Carpet Cleaning Services: Our deep home cleaning services include maintaining your carpet completely free of dirt and restoring its condition. We are equipped with the right tools and cleaning agents that leave your carpet looking just like new!

Window Cleaning Services: Now, restore the condition of your windows by hiring window cleaning experts by Nakoda Urban Services. Get immaculate-looking widows as the cleaning experts in our team reach your doorstep with all the cleaning essentials. Our trained staff assures us not to cause any damage to your glasses.

Chair Cleaning Services: Our chair cleaning experts reach your doorstep with all the necessary equipment required for proper cleaning dust and stains from your chairs. We use special dry cleaning methods for specific types of fabrics. Nakoda Urban Services is renowned for its chair cleaning services to provide you with an elevated sense of satisfaction.

Commercial Cleaning Services: Commercial cleaning is crucial for every professional space regardless of the industry type. It makes sure that your workspace is free from harmful particles and bacteria, which is essential to maintain a healthy and safe work zone. It is also essential for maintaining a positive environment which creates a huge impact on the performance. Our team has mastered the art of commercial cleaning services.

Sanitization Services: Book professional sanitization services experts at Nakoda Urban Services to get a well-sanitized, germ-free area that is highly important for living a healthy life. We ensure maintaining the cleanliness of your space and keep it free from harmful bacteria. Our team has access to the latest technology that effectively sanitizes every corner of your area.

Nakoda Urban Services is known for providing the best in class cleaning services all across India with efficient efforts meant to give the customers a sense of satisfaction at cost-effective prices.

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