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Top Cleaning Services offered by us:

1. Sofa Deep Cleaning Services

- Nothing is unlikely for the Nakoda Urban Services Private Limited professionals. With our trained staff for sofa cleaning services, we will clear all manner of stains without dampening the upholstery

2. Residential Deep Cleaning Services

- We have a squad of excellent professionals who have a great deal of experience and expertise in the area of cleaning. We use sophisticated methods to ensure that you get a safe, deep home cleaning.

3. Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

- Using the latest technology and techniques for commercial deep cleaning services, our competent industrial cleaning services, help to create a tidy, secure and secure atmosphere for the clients and employees. Simply put, we care for cleanliness and it reflects our job, our employees, our duty to you, and our determination to deliver on our word, every day.

4. Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

- We offer the best kitchen cleaning services indoors and outdoors, including bench top cleaning and wiping and cleaning outside refrigerators and microwave ovens, eliminating outside stains dusting, wiping out kitchen exhaust fan cleaning and furniture kitchen window cleaning, wiping and mopping floors make your kitchen perfectly tidy.

5. Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services

- Our bathroom deep cleaning services procedure is specifically engineered to produce a completely sparkling bathroom after our experienced cleaning team has finished the work.

6. Sanitization Service

- We maintain optimal sanitization service and safety by ensuring a safe, germ-free atmosphere and avoiding the transmission of contagious diseases. Our disinfection procedure keeps the business healthy from disease-causing species and cross-infection in the enclosed environment.

7. Carpet Cleaning Services

- Our Carpet cleaning services will clean all of your carpets properly, in a time bound manner. We use only the latest cleaning processes and high quality carpet cleaner that has the right formulas and high grade equipment that guarantees good work across.

8. Chair Cleaning Services

- We have a specially trained and committed staff that is extremely experienced at cleaning chairs in the building. Not just this, but we aim to offer the best in class offerings by ensuring total customer loyalty.

9. Glass Cleaning

- Doing the best Glass cleaning services job for you in Delhi, our pledge to our clients is industry-leading excellence of customer support, efficiency and quality of work.


FAQ's Related To Cleaning Services

Q: What cleaning products will you be using?

Ans: For cleaning services, you don't need expensive specialty cleaners. To help you stock your cleaning cabinet or caddy, here's a basic list:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Bucket
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Flat mop
  • Rubber gloves
  • Squeegee
  • Toilet brush and holder
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Water 
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Wood cleaner
  • Antibacterial spray or wipes
  • Tile cleaner with bleach
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda

Q: What kind of material and equipment do we use?

Ans: Every Home Should Have These 5 Cleaning Tools

  • A broom, a dustpan, and a mop 
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Scrub brush
  • Spray bottle


Q: Do I need to leave the house during the cleaning process?

Ans: It's up to you to figure out what's causing your consternation. It is preferable to exclude the elderly, children, and pregnant women from this process. You can stay inside if you want to, but it’s best to go out if the chemicals are causing you discomfort

Q: Why do I need cleaning services?

Ans: Because of the emergence of new diseases and infections, everyone is interested in cleaning these days. The safer you can live, the cleaner you are. You must choose extensive cleaning to make this possible. Although it also includes:

  1. It helps you save time and effort

These professionals can do the task for you instead of slaving away, scrubbing the bathroom floor, or cleaning the oily kitchen exhaust pipe every few months. You can save time and use it for more essential things like taking your child for a walk or completing a chore you've been meaning to accomplish but haven't had time for owing to work.

  1.  It helps you save money

The majority of individuals are unaware that hiring house cleaning services might save them money. Let us set aside the adage that "time is money" for a while and consider how these specialists might help you save money.

  1.  It's a low-stress, and quick-response service

It is likely the most crucial USP of professional services for home cleaning vs. regular cleaning. The experts arrive at a time that is appropriate for you and assist you in cleaning the places that you are unable to clean yourself. You simply have to pay for the services you want.

4. It Provides You With A Clean And Hygienic Environment

The experts utilize specialized equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure that the house is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. Our experts will clean all the unreachable areas, such as the insides of kitchen exhaust pipes, the tops of almirahs, and the false ceiling to spots that collect more grime, such as the cedar closet.

Q: How do I book cleaning services?

Ans: You can quickly schedule your services by:

  1. By calling your interested  cleaning services
  2. Through Email Or by Simply filling the form on the CONTACT US page 

Q: How much time will it take to clean my home?

Ans: It will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to clean the whole house.  However, the cleaning timings may vary depending on the area of the house, the number of rooms, bathrooms, etc. 

Cleaning services can take about 30 minutes per room. Nonetheless, apartments are often smaller than houses and take less time to complete

Q: How do I pay for my cleaning services?

Ans: The payment procedure depends on the terms and policies of the firm you choose. We accept both online & offline modes of payment at the customers’ convenience.

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Our homes get exposed to various germs and dust particles daily which gives rise to contagious diseases, leading to poor health. Self-cleaning of your home is not enough sometimes. You need proper deep home cleaning services that instantly lift up the condition of your intimate space by eliminating all the mess, leaving it sparkling and fulfilled with positivity.

Nakoda Urban Services is your reliable house cleaning companion that offers comprehensive cleaning solutions for your home in every corner of India. We have a team of certified cleaning professionals who ensure taking complete care of your living space. Our squad is equipped with the advanced machinery essential for the upkeep of your home. With Nakoda Urban Services, there's no need to compromise with your comfort! Stay assured about the quality of cleaning chemicals that we use is completely safe for your loved ones' health. Our esteemed clientele stands testimony for our top-notch quality of services with positive results.

Nakoda Urban Services  is known for providing the best in class cleaning services all across India with efficient efforts meant to give the customers a sense of satisfaction at cost-effective prices.