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Top Cleaning Services in Kolkata We Offered:

1. Sofa Deep Cleaning Service

- Nothing is unlikely for the Nakoda Urban Services Private Limited professionals. With our trained staff for sofa cleaning services in Delhi, we will clear all manner of stains without dampening the upholstery

2. Residential Deep Cleaning Service

- We have a squad of excellent professionals who have a great deal of experience and expertise in the area of cleaning. We use sophisticated methods to ensure that you get a safe, deep home cleaning.

3. Commercial Deep Cleaning Service

- Using the latest technology and techniques, our competent industrial cleaning services in Delhi, help to create a tidy, secure and secure atmosphere for the clients and employees. Simply put, we care for cleanliness and it reflects our job, our employees, our duty to you, and our determination to deliver on our word, every day.

4. Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service

- We offer the best kitchen cleaning services in Delhi indoors and outdoors, including bench top cleaning and wiping and cleaning outside refrigerators and microwave ovens, eliminating outside stains dusting, wiping out kitchen exhaust fan cleaning and furniture kitchen window cleaning, wiping and mopping floors make your kitchen perfectly tidy.

5. Bathroom Deep Cleaning Service

- Our bathroom cleaning procedure is specifically engineered to produce a completely sparkling bathroom after our experienced cleaning team has finished the work.

6. Sanitization Service

- We maintain optimal sanitation and safety by ensuring a safe, germ-free atmosphere and avoiding the transmission of contagious diseases. Our disinfection procedure keeps the business healthy from disease-causing species and cross-infection in the enclosed environment.

7. Carpet Cleaning Service

- Our Carpet cleaning services in Delhi will clean all of your carpets properly, in a time bound manner. We use only the latest cleaning processes and high quality carpet cleaner that has the right formulas and high grade equipment that guarantees good work across.

8. Chair Cleaning Service

- We have a specially trained and committed staff that is extremely experienced at cleaning chairs in the building. Not just this, but we aim to offer the best in class offerings by ensuring total customer loyalty.

9. Window Cleaning

- Doing the best window cleaning service job for you in Delhi, our pledge to our clients is industry-leading excellence of customer support, efficiency and quality of work.

Exactly do you know that you can book competent cleaning services in Kolkata without any need to check and call several facilities maintenance and housecleaning firms for your day-to-day cleaning and house cleaning requirements? helps you to book professional house cleaning firms for residential and industrial house cleaning needs. If you want one-time deep cleaning of kitchen, bathroom, carpet, sofa or you want to contract a facilities maintenance company for best the best Cleaning services.

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It takes a lot of courage to let someone enter your house. So when you start searching for a cleaning agency, make sure to see the feedback of the previous customers and the star rating. Please do not trust the agency unless they are associated with the government or a recognized cleaning organization.
Of course not. You can wait till the service gets over, inspect our work, and then pay our check directly or in online mode. We try to give 100% satisfaction and happiness to our clients.
Based on the size of the house, the duration may vary. If the house is compact and small, you can clean it two times a month. But if there is ample space, it can get dusty quickly, so try to clean it weekly.
The way you take time to reach every corner of your house under and over to clean out all the dust and germs is known as deep cleaning. When you do it by yourself every day, you might feel stressed, so use the cleaning agencies at Nakoda to do this job.
Yes, for the cleaning service you have to pay directly to Nakoda. You can do it by online mode or through card payment. Based on your convenience, proceed with the payment method.
Yes, we are more than ready to make your house flashy once again. You can find the deep cleaning service in Kolkata on our website. You can reserve there directly or reach out to our customer care.
Kolkata is a big city with a lot of vehicles and a highly polluted environment. In your day to day life it will be difficult to take time and clean the home or office. To have a healthy lifestyle it is best to go for deep cleaning services offered by Nakoda in Kolkata.
When a professional visits your house or any building for cleaning, they usually have well-sanitized gloves that will not be reused again, spray bottles, sanitisers, buckets, vacuums, and microfiber cloths to absorb water.
Don’t worry about safety and security when choosing a cleaning agent from the Nakoda services because all our agents are certified. You can compare the star ratings and see who is close to you and pick the best one.
It is essential that you deep clean your house regularly to avoid pest infestation and the spread of infections. By deep cleaning, you can avoid cockroaches and termites spoiling your health and the interiors. To have a healthy and happy lifestyle in Kolkata, choose Nakoda Urban Services for deep cleaning
It will be great if the kids can leave when the cleaning process goes on because they may react to the disinfectors used. Maybe an adult can stay through cleaning to monitor.
Yes, to make your work easy and at the same time perfect, choose your cleaning agency from Nakoda Urban Services. Our experts will clean your house with the utmost care.
Since the house is small, approximately the Nakoda experts will finish the work clean and neat within 2 to 4 hours. They will not rush up the process. It will go slow and be perfect to finish with quality.
Yes, we will take care of all the equipment required for regular and deep cleaning. We will not make use of any of your home utensils for cleaning.
No, we like to do every cleaning with different and appropriate materials. Like for a wooden floor, we use hardwood detergents, scratch-free wipes for glass, scrubs, and brushes for lavatory, and other specialized detergents.
All the agents from our service will have ID and other proof. The agent will also carry our cleaning kit with all the required materials. The end product will be very satisfying since our professionals are well trained.
Yes, Nakoda customer care will let you know the expense before you choose our service. The calculation may not be exact but will be an estimated amount based on the magnitude of the house.
Oh, there, client, you need not do anything. Just swipe and place your order, and the service will be yours. We don't require you to log in or follow us on our blogs to use the service.
Your fetish for cleaning the house may end after choosing a deep cleaning home service from Nakoda. From cleaning your carpets to cushions and windows, the house will be thoroughly disinfected if you choose this service.
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