Sofa Deep Cleaning

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Sofa Deep Cleaning Services

Sofa Cleaning Services By Nakoda Urban Services 
  • We ensure performing dry vacuuming from all corner regions of your sofa.
  • Our sofa deep cleaning experts perform spot treatment with chemicals for the areas that are ruined due to spots.
  • We offer complete scrubbing and shampooing of your sofa with a foam sponge and soft brush that efficiently cleans the furniture.
Benefits Of Sofa Deep Cleaning Package

We have an in-house trained cleaning services staff that ensures a premium service experience to the customers at the comfort of their home. 

  • The professional sofa deep cleaning services provides stain removal and restores the shine of your furniture.
  • Get rid of invisible but harmful dust particles.
  • Complete elimination of virus and bacteria.
  • Odour removal to provide your sofa with a refreshing look.
  • Safe t
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Material And Equipment Used

We are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment that effectively clean your sofa sets without affecting their quality.

  • Our cleaning experts carry wet and dry vacuum cleaners.
  • We are equipped with a bucket, mug, soft brush, sponge and duster.
  • The cleaning services professionals use chemicals that are safe to use and do not hamper the quality and shine of your sofa.
Safety Practices
  • Daily temperature and hygiene checks are conducted at our cleaning facility by professional hygiene experts.
  • The hygiene experts in our team are equipped with PPE equipment, masks, gloves, shoe covers, etc.
  • It is mandatory to validate daily health status on Arogya Setu App.
  • We offer zero contact service experience to ensure the safety of our customers. 
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Your sofa is a significant asset to your living room. From late movie nights, cricket matches to family gatherings, your couch is the friend that provides you with the ultimate levels of comfort at all times. But, we often become negligent towards maintaining the hygiene and health of our sofa cleaning services. Slowly, it becomes home to dust particles, termites, and dirty stains caused by accidental spillage of foods and drinks. You can now restore your sofa's condit

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Ans: We make sure that all of your sofa’s corners are cleaned in the finest possible manner. For sections covered with spots, our sofa deep cleaning experts use effective products to remove the strains. We thoroughly clean your sofa using a foam sponge and soft brush. If your sofa has changeable covers, washing them is simple - just check the care label and put them in the washing machine with a good grade detergent.
Ans: It entirely depends on you if you want to leave the house. However, our cleaning experts suggest, if you have any underlying diseases, or are prone to allergies, you should leave the house to prevent further complications. So, without any second thoughts, book your sofa deep cleaning services.
Our surroundings are covered in dust and are unsanitary in general. Despite our best efforts to keep our sofa clean, we often overlook those areas that are hazardous to us and our families. We must take care of our homes and offices to keep ourselves healthy and protected from germs and viruses. Where we sit and sleep, including sofa and beds, are a breeding place for germs and viruses. The cleaning method ensures that all of these crucial locations are sanitized and disinfected. The sofa cleaning services will ensure you healthy living and a clean environment.
You can schedule your service quickly by: By calling our Hotline Through Email Simply filling the query available on our website
Depending on the number of sofa sets you want to be cleaned, the job of Sofa Cleaning usually takes 2-3 hours. The drying period, however, may differ from one material to the other. For the couches that add sitting space to your home and workplace area, we provide exceptional Sofa deep Cleaning Services. Deep sofa cleaning is completed within the agreed-upon period, and we do not cause any inconveniences in terms of time or service.
The payment entirely depends on your convenience. Our cleaning experts accept both offline and online payment methods. Our customers’ comfort is our topmost priority, and we make sure they do not face any hassle while attaining our services. So, choose the one that seems convenient to you.
We provide sofa deep cleaning services on all seven days of the week. Cleaning the sofa is one of the hectic jobs, and it requires experience and patience. It cannot be done without professional help. Here we come as your helping hand on your doorstep with all the required equipment. So, book our services, and choose to stay in a clean environment