What Are the Different Types of Air Conditioning Filters for Your Home?

13 Jul


Air conditioning filters play a vital role in maintaining good indoor air quality and ensuring the efficient operation of your HVAC system. With a range of filter options available, it's essential to understand the different types and their specific benefits. In this blog post, we will explore the various types of air conditioning filters for your home to help you make an informed decision. 

Fiberglass Filters:

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What Is HVAC Technology and How Does It Work?

13 Jul


Air conditioning filters are an essential component of your HVAC system, playing a crucial role in improving indoor air quality by capturing airborne particles and pollutants. With various types of air conditioning filters available, it's important to understand their differences and choose the right one for your home. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of air conditioning filters to help you make an informed decision.

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Top 5 common ac problems and how to fix them

03 Mar

Air conditioners, or ACs, are appliances used to cool and dehumidify indoor air. They work by removing heat from the air and transferring it to the outdoor environment through a refrigeration cycle. ACs are essential in hot and humid climates, as they help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and humidity level. However, like any other appliance, ACs can develop problems over time, such as poor cooling performance, frequent cycling, strange noises, water leakage, and foul smells. These p

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My AC is making a noise. What does this mean?

17 Nov

My AC is making a noise. What does this mean?


It can be unsettling when you hear strange or unusually loud noises through your air conditioner because you've gotten accustomed to depending on it to keep you cool.


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Here are the most common problems with split air conditioners

12 Nov

Here are the most common problems with split air conditioners.


Particularly in warm, muggy climates and dirty cities, air conditioners have evolved into a crucial component of our houses. Since summer is when air conditioners are most frequently used, you'll want them to be in top shape so

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Tips to select an Air conditioner in India

12 Nov

These days, having an air conditioner is a must, especially for individuals who live in hot, humid climates. Avoid waiting until summer if you're seeking to purchase a new AAC because winter is when you can find the best prices. Due to the numerous brands and varieties of ACs available, the procedure of buying a brand-new AC can be fairly complicated and time-consuming. Additionally, since each firm uniquely markets p

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Which is Better R22 or R32 Gas?

14 Jun

AC refrigerants consist of various refrigerant gases like R32 and R22 gases. Different companies rely on other refrigerant gases even though R22 gas price is higher than R32 but is preferred by businesses.

An AC refrigerant is an essential part that generates low temperature in the coil attached to the compressor. It cools the room's sucked-in warm air and gives us a cool breeze. Refrigerant is considered the essential

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All you Need to Know About Why AC Coil Freezing?

13 Jun

To begin with, let us understand what AC freezing or AC coil freezing is. In simple terms, AC coil freezing happens when water condensation on the coils collects, and the temperature drops so low that the water freezes on the unit, making it non-functional, and putting additional pressure on the compressor. It also stresses the blower fan and causes it to overheat, eventually causing complete failure in your AC unit. It makes it very dangerous for your AC unit, and you should get it fixed as

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AC smells like gas? Why you must call AC repair immediately!

11 Jun

An AC has to run continuously in our home, making us take this appliance for granted. But after a while, it starts to show signs of neglect. Poor cooling, rust, and foul AC smells like gas is the primary indicators that your AC is pending maintenance.

Why Burning Smell from AC?

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O General AC Service Centre and its Information

07 Jun

If you want to buy an AC, you should always consider the after-sales service and customer care that the company provides. A company with a great reputation for this is O General ACs. The O General AC service centre is a reputed and trusted service provider that has been designed by experts to provide you with the best in class HVAC service. If you want the O general service centre number, call 9266608882.

O General Service Cente

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Best Suggestion AC Technician to Maintain your AC for Long Time

07 Jun

AC or Air Conditioners have become the essential electrical home appliances for every Indian home. ACS can maintain the room's temperature, and you can get the best cooling to enjoy the scorching heat of the summer days. However, the leading AC technician suggests that you must apply the right way to maintain your AC and its proper functioning to enjoy the best cooling efficiency.

Best Suggestions to Maintain y

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Split AC vs Window AC Which one is the best?

03 Jun

Split air conditioning units are a substantial improvement over the classic air conditioning systems. They are much more proficient in effectiveness than a window AC. Split AC vs Window AC

Main differences between a Split AC and a Window AC


A split AC is a ventilation system that has two separate units. A combustor unit and an air-cooled convection unit. The combustor is posi

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Which One is Better Choice 1 ton or 1.5 ton AC in India?

02 Jun

You must choose the suitable capacity before buying a 1 ton or 1.5 ton ac for enjoying better cooling on the summer days. The size of your space is the most vital to consider if you want to buy a 1 ton or 1.5 ton ac. If you choose an AC with a lower capacity for a large room, you must struggle to get a comfortable temperature.

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AC is not cooling 10 reasons why?

01 Jun

In the season of summer, when the heat waves make it challenging to leave the house, and the humidity makes it even worse to sit inside, we rely on various cooling techniques to make our lives stable. These techniques seem to be working at the beginning of the summer, but when it comes to the mid-summer, everything seems to fail to work.

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Trending Top 5 Inverter Ac in India

31 May

India is a country where the temperature goes 32 to 40 °C and is even higher in the summer season. When the heat waves hit the homes, it becomes unbearable to live within. The heat rays of the sun and the humid climate make it difficult even to sit in our own houses.

In this irresistible situation, we rely on something that helps us cool down. The traditional ceiling fans and stand fans help to circulate air all around. But in the presence of the sun, the fans fail to generate c

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Is It Possible to Repair an Outside AC Condenser?

06 Apr

Blog on Repair an Outside AC Condenser

Nobody could ever imagine about outside AC condenser fault ruin summer. But most house owners don't understand how they work and give the required results. So, having a little bit of knowledge about the functioning of the air conditioner can help the house owners get the required output from the air conditioner.

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Is It Worth Replacing the House AC Compressor?

05 Apr

Introduction House AC Compressor

In the case of air conditioning, the house AC compressor is one of the essential parts. It determines the efficiency of the system. In the case of a compressor that is not working perfectly, the system's efficiency would not be the same as a perfectly working compressor.
Is AC Compressor Worth Replacing?
The AC compressor is not worth

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AC Repair Services at your Door Step

16 Mar

Introduction AC Repair Services at your Door Step

Gone are those days when people could survive in extreme cold and hot weather conditions. Today, people have become so dependent that they cannot leave their materialistic comforts and are now addicted to them AC repair services at your door step is one of them. Electrical appliances have become indispensable for them. Of all, the air conditioners have been the most popular appliance making the human beings ha

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What Should be the AC Height in The Room

16 Mar

AC Height For Extra Cooling

AC is typically installed at a height in a room because of convection currents. AC height increased density, the warm air rises. This warm air also gets cooled by the AC, and air circulation keeps continuing and keeps the room cool.

Before installing your air conditioner, you need to choose what type you need. Think about the space you wish to cool o

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What to Do If Condenser Coil AC Get Clogged

16 Mar

Introduction Condenser Coil AC get Clogged

The most common reason an air condenser will stop cooling is because of a problem with the compressor. Condenser coil AC commonly get affected by just a few issues, which are well taken care of. The gadget will last a long-time and save you from unnecessary stress.

The main problems you will have to deal with include issues caused b

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Common Reasons Why Your AC Blowing Hot Air

16 Mar

Introduction Why Your AC Blowing Hot Air

When your AC blowing hot air, the first thing to do is determine the cause of the problem. Sometimes a simple adjustment or adjustment of the thermostat will help, but other times you'll need to call an AC repair in Gurgaon professional to take a look.
Why Is AC Blowing Hot Air?

When you turn on your AC th

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How Many Times Is It Necessary to Filling Gas in Air Conditioner?

15 Mar

Is It Necessary to Fill Gas in My AC

The gas which is used in the car or the gas in the kitchen gas cylinder is different from  which gas is used in AC, and it is like the air inside the tire. You don't have to fill it unless it leaks, or If your air conditioning system is old or not working, it is a good idea to have it checked and possibly repaired. If you're unsure when you last h

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Environmental Impact of Air Conditioning Cleaning

11 Mar


Environmental Impact of Air Conditioning cleaning is to get cleaner the air to breathe, the better for your health. That is why it is important to clean your air conditioner regularly to prevent the Effect of air conditioners on the environment. Cleaning the air conditioner can help you save energy and protect the environment, as when it comes to the environment, you can never be too careful.

Effect of air conditioner on t

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How to Clean your Air Conditioning Unit

09 Mar


How to clean yourr Air conditioner unit is very common question among the people. But Cleaning AC by professionals is a critical element to maintain cooling, and maintaining AC cooling plays an important role. The best way to clean the Air conditioner is to follow some points before cleaning it and make it worth living for the long run.

How to clean your Air conditioning

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6 Ways to Extend Air Conditioner Life 2022

07 Mar

Introduction to Extend Air Conditioner life: 

Extend air conditioner life So you never feel heat beacause a room air conditioner is a fantastic invention that many people treasure. Because it changes humid air into cool air that seems to relax one's mind and changes a very sour mood into something sunny and bright, it is no wonder that this invention did grasp the attention of

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How much professional AC cleaning services cost

05 Feb

Introduction:  How much professional AC cleaning service cost

The cost of a professional ac repair service depends on various factors, such as the size of the home or business, the complexity of the job, and the type of service provider.

It depends on several factors, like 

  • Size of the system
  • Number of units to be cleaned
  • Ty

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Is it essential to service my AC Every Year?

20 Oct

Many people and many AC home service providers tell you that repairing air conditioners every year is essential. After a

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Most Common AC Problems That One Should Know About

12 Oct

In the scorching summer, we all wish to have air conditioners that make everything feel cool and good. But, regular usage of air conditioners can lead to many AC problems. read more

When should I replace my air conditioner?

18 Sep

Air conditioners perform a wide range of functions, making them an indispensable device in the house or office. A skilled, professional air conditioning and heating repair specialist will enable a user to keep a fully operating HVAC system. Still, those who do not yet have one must first grasp the various benefits. Air conditioners regulate the amount of heat generated b

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Heating & Air Conditioning Blog by Nakoda Urban services

03 Sep

A good AC and heating system depends on the accuracy to which it can maintain your room’s temperature. The need for such systems is constantly growing, especially during the summer heat and cold winter.


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Which AC is best for my home?

31 Aug

We are sure in the sultry summer climate, that you will want to chill indoors with a good AC to keep you comfortable. We have done a market survey to find the best models available from any AC brand read more

Why is your AC not turning on?

11 Aug

Air conditioning systems are essential for the summer conditions. However, just as any machine or device could, AC devices can also malfunction at times. If you are getting frustrated over your AC not turning onread more