Why is your AC not turning on?

AC not turning on 11

Air conditioning systems are essential for the summer conditions. However, just as any machine or device could, AC devices can also malfunction at times. If you are getting frustrated over your AC not turning on properly, you can take a deep breath and find below some plausible and common reasons why your AC is not working

  1. One possible reason for your AC not turning on is probably because there is a circuit board issue in the installment. Sometimes, when there is high power fluctuation and/or an unsteady supply of current, the fuse may blow, or a circuit breaker may trip depending on the design and tolerance of your unit.  

Solution: Try installing a stabilizer to ensure against sudden power surges and minimize their damage. If a circuit breaker has been tripped, then simply flip it back on in the electric panel. If a fuse has been blown, replace the fuses after turning the main supply “OFF”. If the problem is recurring persistently, there might be a more serious problem, and it’s best to call an AC repair professional. 

  1. Another common issue that could be behind your AC malfunctioning is a faulty thermostat. An automated Air conditioning system relies on the thermostat settings of your house to know when to cool your room and by how much. So, if there is a problem with the thermostat, it might be preventing your AC from turning on. 

Solution: Try checking if your thermostat is turned on to the correct degree. Check if it needs new batteries. If the thermostat is busted, then it is best to have it replaced. 

  1. Your AC system works with the help of refrigerant fluid that serves as a cooling agent and helps in providing cool air into the room in regular cycles. A shortage in the refrigerant fluid could be a cause for your AC cooling not working. This could happen due to leakage of the fluid through cracks formed due to age or poor maintenance. 

Solution: You have to patch up the cracks and dents before refilling the refrigerant to the exact recommended level specified in your AC unit’s manual. This process is tricky and has a lot of risks, and hence it is best to let an AC repair mechanic handle it. 

  1. Sometimes, the condenser unit might not function properly, and as a consequence, there might be a lot of icy buildup inside the unit. This is one of the leading culprits behind your AC cooling not working and requires immediate attention. 

Solution: Your unit needs to be removed, completely dethawed, and drained before it can function properly again. Oftentimes, the water in these pans can cause a safety switch to trip and turn off the AC to prevent leakage and damage to the unit. So, ensure that all ice is removed and the water in the draining pan is removed and free from clogs.

  1. One of the more technical problems behind your AC not turning on is probably due to a faulty or damaged motor. If your unit is making an unnatural sound when you are trying to turn it on, then it is perhaps a clear sign that the motor is not functioning properly. If a motor fails, then this will result in your AC fan not working

Solution: This is a critical point of a system malfunction, where you will have to make a judgement call on which is the best route for troubleshooting. Depending on the severity of the issue, you might have to either replace your AC’s motor or the complete unit itself. 

  1. Uncleaned, unmaintained, and clogged air filters could also be the culprit behind your AC fan not working. If the filters aren’t cleaned regularly, they will accumulate debris, which will cause the system to shut down over time. They could also cause internal freezing, which, as discussed earlier, is another common problem.  

Solution: Cleaning your AC filters thoroughly and at systematic points in time is a must if you wish to ensure the longevity of your unit. 

Apart from these, there are other reasons why your AC is not working, such as the unit not being used for a long while, sub-optimal maintenance, internal wiring problems, or faulty installation. It could also be that your unit has run its course and needs to be replaced and recycled. Whatever might be the case, we hope the above points helped you troubleshoot your AC problems before you panic and call an AC repair in Delhi professional.