6 Ways to Extend Air Conditioner Life 2022

Extend Air Conditioner Life 07

Introduction to Extend Air Conditioner life: 

Extend air conditioner life So you never feel heat beacause a room air conditioner is a fantastic invention that many people treasure. Because it changes humid air into cool air that seems to relax one's mind and changes a very sour mood into something sunny and bright, it is no wonder that this invention did grasp the attention of all.  

You are all careless when it comes to maintaining your air conditioner that you have installed in your homes and offices. Users usually complain about how their air conditioner does not work well in severe weather conditions. 

As much as the units are scientifically designed to function to their optimum equaling the amount of money invested by the owner, there are also certain things that the owner must undertake to augment the shelf-life of their cooling unit.

Aside from getting the best out of your money, taking care of your unit will also help reduce the cost of maintenance repairs as small troubles are addressed quickly. Above all, the owners will greatly benefit, as you will not be paying excess electric charges due to malfunctioning or overworked units.

Here then as some easy to do tips to Extend air conditioner useful life - 

Constant check on the Parts - Make it a point to check if your unit starts, operates well and turns off on time or properly. Practising this will spare you from generating future troubles with your unit

Regular Maintenance - To ensure a longer life for your air conditioner or ac repair in Gurgaon, it is very important you get the system serviced regularly. There are more reasons for regular servicing and maintenance of your air conditioner that goes beyond environmental issues. This leads to a greater impact on the environment and your pockets as power bills are higher.

Inspection of Drainage Unit - Clogged drains can cause water damage to your unit so watch out for this and try to address similar problems as soon as possible to extend air conditioner useful life.

Make sure that all connections are right and are not loose - Problems with connections may lead to either a unit that is not functioning or a potential ground for electrical troubles. Ensuring the wires and other connections are properly installed, you are sparing yourself from potential fire hazards.

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Proper Inspection - At the beginning of each cooling season, it is a good idea to check the outer section of the air conditioner (condensing unit) for increasing the shelf life of an air conditioner. Proper inspection of all the parts by professionals is necessary for safety, efficiency and cleanliness of an air conditioner.

Replacing filters - Filters are the collecting vessels of your unit where dirt and other particulates are trapped. As more dirt plunges into this part of your unit, the efficiency to sieve through the air that passes it reduces and this renders the unit to work harder. To prevent this, make sure to clean and or change the filters at least once a month.

In addition to keeping your air conditioner running at peak performance, maintaining your air conditioner can help extend the life of your unit. Instead of waiting until your AC starts to make unusual noises or stops cooling your home as effectively, perform regular maintenance on your unit. 

Ensure that your unit continues to operate effectively for as long as possible. Most air conditioner units are fairly easy to take apart, and a quick Google search will provide step-by-step instructions if you're having trouble finding them.


Increasing the shelf life of AC is the best way to keep it running at its peak efficiency. Once a year, you should perform a deep cleaning on your AC unit to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can build up over time. Or you can book the best AC repair in Delhi at very affordable prices.

Split AC servicing will keep your AC unit running at its peak performance, which will reduce your cooling costs as well. Simple things can help you increase the life of your room's air conditioner. You may not directly see the benefits but it all boils down to the reduced electric bill figures.