Which AC is best for my home?

Which AC is best for my home 31

We are sure in the sultry summer climate, that you will want to chill indoors with a good AC to keep you comfortable. We have done a market survey to find the best models available from any AC brand and have shortlisted our best picks that will help you buy the best Air conditioner available. So, you can go through our analysis and make your choice so that you can save yourselves the time, energy, and effort of searching the internet for the best AC model that suits you. 

We took into consideration the following factors to find the conclusively best options:

  • Price is an important factor when deciding which AC you should pick for your home. Overpriced products may result in disappointing and unsatisfactory AC services, while there might be great budget picks that would suit you perfectly.
  • The reliability of an AC brand is essential when weighing out your options and are at an impasse as to which is better. A good brand offers you a higher quality of AC services which will come in handy in time of need.
  • We have carefully sifted through reviews, opinions and feedback of many customers to come up with this list. We hope that their experiences could be fruitful in helping you make your mind up. 
  • We also took into account the durability and lifetime of an AC along with the features it has to offer. A perfect balance between the three is important when you are looking for the best Air conditioner. 

What type of AC should you buy?

If you are looking for the best AC in India, we recommend a high-efficiency split AC cooling system. It is best to buy an Inverter AC as they are known to have a consistent cooling effect in your room. This is because Inverter ACs have compressors that are always turned on, and once the desired temperature is attained, it runs at a constant low speed to maintain cooling. This is a huge advantage over non-inverter ACs that have compressors that constantly fluctuate between the on and off position in order to regulate temperatures.  

Another factor to keep in mind is the energy efficiency of your unit. To be able to have the best AC in India means to have an Ac unit that will provide the desired cooling effect without consuming too many power units. By optimising that energy consumption to output ratio, you can potentially save quite a bit on energy resources and power bills. Therefore, always check the power efficiency marked on a scale of stars. 5-star ACs are the best for any purpose and the top-selling ones in the market. 

Most modern ACs have dehumidifiers which are essential for removing excess moisture from the air inside the room and ensures the air is not damp. This helps in inhibiting the growth of microbes in the air. If you want to be absolutely sure that your air is free from germs, buy units that have Anti-Bacterial filters in them as this will eradicate the bacteria, dust mites and allergens from the air that is pumped into the room. 

The quality of AC Repair in Delhi that are available should your unit malfunction is also something that you must consider while purchasing an Air Conditioner. Most leading brands and models provide good warranty on their products. It is best to get a minimum of 1 year of comprehensive overall warranty, you also get 5 years on the PCB(Printed circuit board) and 10 years on the compressor.  Also, choose brands that have official AC services centres in or around your locality so that you can be sure to get professionals to troubleshoot any future problems your cooling system may experience. 

Some other internal specifications that provide better functioning are copper coated condensers that are corrosion resistant, eco-friendly refrigerants, low noise output systems, and “smart AC” systems. 

How do you know what capacity is right for your room? 

No matter what your preferred configurations are, you should always bear in mind your requirements and choose an AC with a cooling capacity that is suitable for the size of your room. You must have come across various split AC models that are labelled as 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton,  2 Ton AC, etc. The unit of tonnage indicates the cooling capacity of the unit and is also measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. Choosing an AC with either too high or too low BTU will never provide you with comfortable cooling. 

For a room that is less than 100 sq. ft in floor area, you should go with a 5000 BTU or 1 Ton unit. For 100 - 120 Sq. Ft, try to get a 12000 BTU or 1.2 Ton unit. Anything in the ballpark of 150 Sq. Ft requires a 1.5 Ton or 1800 BTU Cooling system. We recommend 2 Ton AC units for rooms that are in excess of 150 square feet in area.  

So, as the summer season rolls in, be sure to search for the best AC in India by searching the internet thoroughly and carefully inspecting the specs of the model. As long as you keep in mind the above tips and recommendations, you are sure to find the most durable and high-quality ACs that are great value for your money.