Split AC vs Window AC Which one is the best?

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Split air conditioning units are a substantial improvement over the classic air conditioning systems. They are much more proficient in effectiveness than a window AC. Split AC vs Window AC

Main differences between a Split AC and a Window AC


A split AC is a ventilation system that has two separate units. A combustor unit and an air-cooled convection unit. The combustor is positioned outside the room, while the main air supplying unit is fitted inside the room. 
At the same time, a window AC is wall-mounted just like a split AC and would be suitable for a small room with a window. They are comparatively easier to sustain. They have been commonly sold as one unit, with one side installed indoors and the other outside the room, preferably above or on the window panel.

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If we compare split AC vs window AC in terms of the price range, window ACs are comparatively cheaper to split ACs. A window AC costs around Rs. 13000-/, whereas a split AC will cost you around Rs 20,000-/ to Rs. 70,000/. Although split ACs are costlier than window ACs, they are gradually becoming cheaper. An inverter window AC is very similar to a split AC and costs nearly the same.

A split AC acquires more space compared to a window AC. Split ACs are commonly used in office settings and big spaces. Window ACs are ideal for someone who lives alone or two people at maximum. Such classic ACs are meant for small spaces. It’s the best option for those in flats; it’s cheap and affordable.


Suppose we compare the noise of a split AC vs Window AC. A split ACs noise is equal to nothing; split ACs do not generate any noise in contrast to a window ac. So, if you are someone who doesn’t want to hear the unnecessary AC sound while working, maybe go for split AC. The Classic AC is louder than the inverter window AC. It all depends on how well the AC is mounted on the wall. 
You won't have to spend too much on AC repair if you have a window AC. If you consider buying an inverter window AC, it’s better to go for a split AC. But remember to keep in mind the requisites of the kind of AC you need. And go for the right one.  

Temperature Maintenance

If you wish to go a little heavy on your pockets for your air conditioner and get dual benefits, you can go for a split air conditioning unit; it will cool every corner of your room during the hot weather and provide you with warm air in winters. 
Whereas if you don’t want to spend your whole day at home or are away at work for the entire day, you can opt for a window AC as it’s low maintenance, provides cool air in the summers, and will not put a hole in your pockets. 

Visual Appeal

Are you someone who likes aesthetics in everything? Split ACs are delightful to look at and give an aesthetic impression to your room, unlike a classic window AC. Their make-up is not as pleasing, and they get rusty quickly.

Mounting Issues

People living in flats on higher floors are not allowed to mount a split AC as it can be dangerous for the person fixing the outdoor unit. A split AC has two different (big enough to be individual) parts, so if there is no space in your house for such a setup, skip the split air conditioning systems for now. In contrast, a professional can easily set up a window AC on a window.

Repair Service

Window AC units can be disposed of. Once they start to fail to function, you buy a new version because they are more expensive to maintain than to purchase. Split AC units, on the other side, Split AC units are not disposable and need to get some yearly servicing. We can say that an air condition repair is much cheaper for split ACs than for window ACs.

Made any decision yet? I’m sure you’ll make the right decision. After getting your AC fitted, it’s necessary to have proper maintenance. You can follow these simple tips to save your air condition repair service costs.
Clean the air filter monthly.
Cover the air condition unit during the winters to prevent any damage caused during these few months of not using the unit. E.g., to prevent debris or any bird making its nest over that outdoor unit.
Unclog the drain channels with a small wire.
Check insulation around the outside duct lines.


According to the above contrast of Split AC vs Window AC, we can surmise that both AC are very identical, but they vary slightly in their visual appeal, layout, and price. One's choice of AC is greatly influenced by the magnitude of the space and how and where an air conditioning unit will be fitted. 
Nevertheless, window air conditioners have become less prevalent due to excessive vibrations, sunlight obstructing, and unbalanced cooling. An individual personal; budget also influences one’s choice of luxuries. I’d personally go for a window AC as I live alone and wouldn’t mind the noise.

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