Is It Possible to Repair an Outside AC Condenser?

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Blog on Repair an Outside AC Condenser

Nobody could ever imagine about outside AC condenser fault ruin summer. But most house owners don't understand how they work and give the required results. So, having a little bit of knowledge about the functioning of the air conditioner can help the house owners get the required output from the air conditioner.

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A condenser coil is a heat exchanger consisting of a coil placed between larger heat exchanger coils. It usually has an internal cooling fluid that flows through the center of the coil and is used to transfer heat from a gas or liquid to the coil by indirect heat transfer. 

The best option for avoiding the problem of condensing coils is to establish a maintenance plan. 
Is it possible to repair the condenser coil?
Yes, AC condenser coil has much scope of being repaired, but the job is beyond the novice level. The coiled tubing is most likely of aluminum. 
Refrigerant and grease oil must be vacated with safety from the system so that there is no fuel explosion while welding. 
It requires a pump and manifold system. Next, the welding will be difficult and very delicate. 

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System must be cleaned, dried and refilled with refrigerant and lubricating oil with confirmed and prescribed pressure. 
Condenser coil repairing

An air conditioner comes up with two sides: one is hot, and the other one is cold. The cold side is known to contain the fan and evaporator and performs the function of blowing the air in the room. On the other hand, the hot side entails the condenser and compressor. The expansion valve is placed between the two coils and is responsible for regulating the refrigerant. However, it is the condenser that remains the most crucial.

Not knowing when to repair the air conditioner condenser coil is a common problem every homeowner faces. It should be done by a professional AC service provider as faulty condensers adversely affect the whole air conditioning system. The coil inside the condenser regulates temperature by absorbing the moisture and heat of your home. There are various reasons like erosion of the coil and disintegration of the outer line of the evaporator coil, which leads to high electricity bills and inefficient cooling. Sometimes homeowners can solve this problem by replacing the old coil with the new one. It is best to contact a professional AC service provider such as Nakoda Urban Services to replace or repair your air conditioner. 

As a preventive measure, many air conditioning professionals clear and inspect the debris from the AC condensate drain during maintenance. Professionals understand this issue better as they have expert knowledge and have the right equipment to solve clogging efficiently. In addition, regular cleaning of air filters is necessary for increasing the life of the evaporator coil.

How to prevent leakage and repair AC condenser coil?
While it is not recommended to repair a leaking condenser coil yourself, there are some of the things to prevent future leakage:
Set up a whole-house air purification system
Reduce coil corrosion
Limit the use of products that emit high Volatile Organic Compounds 
Let the refreshed air come in
Schedule regular supervision for your AC system.

With all the above requirements to be met in order to prevent leakage, you may either need to have your air conditioner repaired or you would likely have to substitute the entire AC condenser coil. That may not be easy, so you are likely skillfully buying a new condenser. Especially if the current unit is old, the hole could be caused by corrosion.
You will have to purge the complete system to restore it. Next, you need qualified professionals from Nakoda Urban Services to install the new condenser and recharge your unit.