AC smells like gas? Why you must call AC repair immediately!

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An AC has to run continuously in our home, making us take this appliance for granted. But after a while, it starts to show signs of neglect. Poor cooling, rust, and foul AC smells like gas is the primary indicators that your AC is pending maintenance.

Why Burning Smell from AC?

1. Depending on the type of air condition smell and time since your last upkeep, it can mean several different issues. We always recommend talking to a professional AC mechanic because fixing your AC yourself is a dangerous task. We provide you with the following information so that you can make a decision and take precautions so that the situation does not worsen.

2. Contrary to popular belief, a gas leak from your AC does not have a smell as the refrigerant is odourless. The main signs of a refrigerant leak are rusted condenser pipes and a lack of cooling despite the AC being on max settings. The different kinds of smells can help you identify the other issues that your appliance might have:
3. If your AC smells like gas, precisely like rotting eggs, there's a chance that it is circulating leaked natural gas into your home. You need to call emergency services immediately and switch off all electrical appliances and sources of flame. If there's no source of natural gas near AC, another possibility is a dead animal or rodent in your ventilation system, and you need to call pest control.

4. On the other hand, if you get a burning smell from AC or a smoky odour. There are chances that your AC's motor, compressor, wiring, or some other electrical component is failing. You should immediately turn off your AC and call a professional AC mechanic. If immediate action is taken, there will be minimal damage to your AC, and only the worn-out part will require a replacement.

5. If your AC smells like gas that has a characteristic that comes from crackers and may indicate damage to the PCB, integrated circuit, or electronics panel. It requires the same attention as any other smoky smell and only entails a minor part replacement. It would be best if your exposure to it were minimal. Exposure to these kinds of smells can adversely affect your respiratory system.

6. Another smell that your AC might produce is a mildew smell that smells musty. It's a relatively mild odour, and you tend to get desensitised to it quite soon, but it's pretty severe. It results from improper drainage, causing a buildup of mould and bacteria in your channels and ducts.

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7. It is also a tell-tale sign that your condensate line has blockages and needs to be cleared asap. If cleaning your air filters does not improve the situation, you should call your AC mechanic immediately, as mould can cause bacterial or fungal-based respiratory problems.

8. Another reasonably familiar smell is an ammoniacal or urine-like smell. It is due to mycotoxins, a direct result of mould buildup. Only mycotoxins do because a typical mould doesn't give off this smell. It has a strong and unpleasant smell and is much more harmful to inhale than mould. It requires immediate attention, as your AC unit needs a deep clean and servicing.

9. You might also consider ozone as a reason to say that your AC smells like gas. Ozone can generate from electric discharge, especially from malfunctioning electrostatic air filters and other electrical sparks. If collected in large amounts, ozone is toxic, causing chest pains and breathing problems. It also becomes a significant risk of a fire hazard as electric discharge may burn specific components.


This article should give you a good preliminary understanding of what might be an issue when your AC smells like gas. You need a good AC service company like Nakoda Urban Services that provides excellent AC repair, maintenance, and solutions. If you observe foul AC smell is ruining your day, then Nakoda Urban Services can help you with all your regular and emergency needs, be it the burning smell from ac or anything else.

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