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India is a country where the temperature goes 32 to 40 °C and is even higher in the summer season. When the heat waves hit the homes, it becomes unbearable to live within. The heat rays of the sun and the humid climate make it difficult even to sit in our own houses.

In this irresistible situation, we rely on something that helps us cool down. The traditional ceiling fans and stand fans help to circulate air all around. But in the presence of the sun, the fans fail to generate cool breezes. This is where Air Conditioners come to the rescue. 

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About AC

The cooling system of AC and Inverter AC depends on the built-in compressors which compress the refrigerant by applying high pressure which increases its temperature and it releases heat. After extraction of heat, refrigerant is passed into a low-pressure chamber due to which its temperature decreases. The refrigerant is a liquid substance that stays inside a cold coil. This coil cools down the air sucked in by the AC and is sent back to the room. 

This process needs a lot of energy, so the chances of energy wastage rise. An inverter is required to regulate the AC unit's energy flow and make it efficient. 

What is Inverter AC

The Inverter is a device that helps regulate the compressor's motor speed so that the AC can work efficiently only with the required electricity, and no energy is wasted. An inverter converts Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). The Inverter uses the Alternating current to run the compressor motor. It regulates the speed of the motor as per the room temperature. 

When the room temperature is comparatively high, Inverter runs the motor at speed to quickly cool down the temperature to a specified level. When the temperature reaches a certain point, the Inverter slows the motor down to save energy.

In non-inverter ACs, the functions of the motor are restrained within only ON and OFF modes. There is no option to slow down the motor when the temperature reaches the critical point; the AC just gets turned OFF. 

This repeated on and off in an AC waste more energy than required. This can create a significant difference in your AC bill. So if you want an AC that works efficiently, saves energy, and doesn't give you a considerable amount of bill, you shall always go for an Inverter AC.

Top trending Inverter AC 

There are many companies producing varieties of Inverter ACs. Every company has its own specifications and drawbacks. Here we have picked the top 5 inverter AC in India. 


voltas inverter acVoltas has proven its capability by reaching the highest points in sales. It has created a record of selling more than a million ACs in just one year, which is 20% of total ACs sold in the entire year. 

Voltas is a trusted name in the AC market due to its presence since 1954. Voltas has more than 14000 stores all over India, and not only in India, Voltas is famous for its efficiency worldwide. Even the Burj khalifa has accepted the supplies of Voltas AC.

It provides both window ACs and split ACs as per the users' requirements. Voltas manufactures ACs for both residential and commercial purposes. It provides turbo cooling mode, Dehumidification mode, and Catechin Filter with Nano Silver Technology at a very reasonable price, and still, the maintenance cost is comparatively low.

O General  

O general is a Japan-based company that manufactures ACs with many advanced technologies. It has its headquarters in Chennai. O general provides various ranges of ACs to fulfill all the possible purposes. O general has manufactured every short of ACs including window AC, split AC, ACs for the hall, ACs for offices, and even ACs for bedrooms. Every AC has unique features and specific modes to ensure the maximum cooling effect. 

The O General ACs provide both hot and cold temperature limits. It has advanced human sensors. It works efficiently with V-PAM inverters. It has a sleep mode so that you don't need to turn on and off the AC repeatedly.

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Hitachi is another Japanese brand that competes in the Indian market. Hitachi has always tried to push forward their limits in innovating new technologies for the better efficiency of the AC.  They have a vast number of models to ensure the customer gets one that is perfect for him in every aspect. With nearly 600 service centers in India, Hitachi is rising rapidly. 

It provides wifi technology for better connectivity through your smartphone. The humid auto control helps to dehumidify quickly. It provides faster cooling with a copper compressor and silver-coated filter that cleans itself.


LG is one of the big players in the Indian AC market. It controls two-thirds of the entire market. LG has established its manufacturing units in India. LG provides various cooling modes that are suitable for the Indian climate. The Himalaya cooling technology takes you to trans and makes you feel the breeze of the Himalaya in your own bedroom. 

It provides smartphone connectivity for better control and provides heating modes for winter. The anti-bacterial filters not only capture dust but also disinfect the air. It supports dual inverter technology for better cooling with a specific amount of power.


Lloyd has been proving its innovative approaches to cooling technology for many years. After Voltas, Lloyd is in the second-highest position based on sales it generates in one year in the Indian market. Lloyd constantly tries to modernize and make their ACs smart for the convenience of the consumers.

It gives a 4-way swing to cover the maximum area. It has a 10-step inverter that runs a twin rotary motor that helps to cool down the room as quickly as possible. The self-clean filters make the air safe to breathe. Lloyd is one of the trusted brands in the Indian AC market.


These are the top 5 ACs to choose from. Buying an Inverter AC involves understanding your needs and researching the company that promises to fulfill those needs. Select your trusted brand and help yourself survive this summer.