AC is not cooling 10 reasons why?

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In the season of summer, when the heat waves make it challenging to leave the house, and the humidity makes it even worse to sit inside, we rely on various cooling techniques to make our lives stable. These techniques seem to be working at the beginning of the summer, but when it comes to the mid-summer, everything seems to fail to work.

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Why do we need AC?

The amount of humidity in the atmosphere makes us sweat even in the presence of fans. This is where air conditioners come to the rescue and if your AC is not cooling in summer, it can be tough to survive. Air conditioners are machines installed inside a room or a hall that soaks in hot, low-pressure air and processes it out as a cool breeze. The primary function of the AC is to cool down the room temperature and give us a comfortable place to survive the hot summer.

But what if your AC stops cooling? It seems like a nightmare, right? This nightmare often gets true. There are a lot of reasons why an AC stops cooling. The AC works unlike the total system failure, but it fails to produce cold air

Before knowing the reasons, let us understand how AC works.  

How AC Cools Down a Room

The AC is a complex machine with various parts. To understand the cooling mechanism of the AC, we need to put light on these parts involved in the cooling mechanism. 

The AC sucks in the room's low pressure and high-temperature air and sends it to the compressor. The compressor contains gas that increases the air pressure and runs it through the cooling coil. The coil that connects to the refrigerant has a shallow temperature that converts the air to cold air and sends it back to the room. 


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Reasons why AC Fails to cool

Is your Air conditioner not cooling? There can be several reasons why the AC is not producing cool air. Here we have discussed some common scenarios where a working AC stops to cool the room down. AC running but not cooling, don't worry here are some conditions provided that may be the reason. 

1. Some problems with the thermostat could be the reason that your AC is not working properly. Sometimes the thermostat gets stuck at a particular level and does not change by the remote. This may happen due to the wrong wiring not being appropriately fixed to the thermostat. 

2. If the AC's refrigerant is leaked for certain reasons, the cooling liquid that turns into gas may be drained out. This may cause the failure of the cooling processes. The evaporator coil fails to generate sufficient gas to cool down the temperature.

3. Sometimes the condenser drain pipe gets back flowed by the water, which stops the Airflow switch from working correctly. The blocked airflow switch fails to blow out cool air properly, and the AC fails to perform its work.

4. It may be possible that sometimes the ice may build up inside the coil due to the dirty air filter. This build-up ice needs time to melt; until then, the AC stops working.

5. Sometimes the compressor fails to run the motor. This leads to the failure to supply air to the refrigerant. The air fails to get relaxed and just passes in and out. A faulty compressor may be the reason your AC is not cooling.

6. The coolant is the primary source that helps the coil to generate Cool air. The coil fails to cool down the air if the coolant is insufficient. It would be best to refill the coolant to make your AC capable of producing cool air again. 

7. Sometimes the coil stops working due to the accumulation of dust on it. A dirty coil fails to connect with the refrigerant and makes the air pass through it without cooling it down.

8. The condenser stays inside the outdoor unit of the AC and converts the hot air into a cool breeze. If a condenser is clogged due to the dust accumulation or not functioning correctly, it will not convert the air properly.

9. The evaporator helps the condenser to get the hot air around. If the evaporator has issues dragging hot air inside, it will fail to provide hot air to the outdoor unit, and ultimately the condenser will not work correctly. 

10.  A small but common problem could be the gaps and ventilation ways kept open in the room. If your AC is working properly and there is no fault inside the indoor or outdoor unit, and even the wiring and refrigerant liquid are available, the problem must be the room AC is placed in. If the room contains gaps and ventilation ways that are kept open, the air will pass through easily, and no matter how long your AC runs, It can't cool the room down.


There can be a lot of reasons why your AC is not cooling. Some can be logical, and some even technical. But if these problems are examined and solved at the right time, you can get your AC functioning again.

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