Top 10 Wire Company for your House Wiring

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Building your own house must be an evident dream that most people think about. But a home is not just about bricks and cement; a house must be a building that provides you with all sorts of things essential for survival and maintaining a healthy and happy life.

House Wiring Revolution

In the technological era, electricity is the essential thing required to run various devices and gadgets that help us do our work efficiently. A house needs to be supplied with constant electricity to fulfill electricity needs. This electricity is provided and distributed to every board and socket through the proper house wiring.

House wiring is necessary to avoid unnecessary negative situations that can harm your house and your family. If the wiring of a house is not done properly, any mishap may occur. Perfect wiring consists of various wires, circuits, socket boards, and switches. 

house wiring
The safety of a house depends on the wiring. A house needs a good quality wire to supply electricity without any disturbance and ensures that no electric leakage is done. 

Why wiring is important?

Wiring is an essential part of an ideal house. The wires are conductors connected to a power source to drag electricity constantly and provide it to all your appliances. These wires are connected with switches that enable the circuit to complete when the switch is on. Home wiring is needed to make a proper electricity connection in your house.

These conductors are generally copper wires wrapped in an insulating material like plastic or rubber. Electric wiring pipes are used to keep the cables safe from any damage. The insulating cover also keeps the electricity within and prevents leakage during connection. For better connectivity, various kinds of wires are used for certain purposes. Some big cables are used to drag electricity from the source, and small wires distribute electricity among all the sockets and boards.  

Electrical short circuits are the third most common reason for a house fire. A good wire conducts electricity without causing any leakage, which could be a life-threatening issue. A good conductor carries a specific amount of electricity required for the smooth running of the appliances. It avoids overloading that could damage the appliances.

Coppers are good conductors, but aluminum is also used in wiring due to its lightweight and cheap value. Every wire has its conducting capacity. If a wire is not capable enough to conduct a specific amount of electricity, it will fail to provide adequate electricity and appliance needs. On the other hand, if a wire doesn't have the required resistivity, it can overload the system and damage the appliances. 

Top 10 Wiring company

Various kinds of wires are available in the market in India. Different companies produce these wires. The cables under other brand names have their specifications and limitations. Here is the list of top 10 wire company to choose for your house.

Polycab wires and cables

Polycab is a well-known name in the wire-producing industries in India. It has been proved the most trusted brand in India since 1996 with a market share of 20%. It is a Mumbai Based company that has manufacturing units in Halol and Daman. The popularity of Polycab is not limited to India; it exports the wires to 55 other countries. Almost 23 manufacturing units are established abroad.

The company has ISO 9001 certified factories all over India, and it has also earned the certificates of the International Electronic Commission and British Approved Service for Cables.

The cables are available from 0.75 sq. mm to 16 sq. mm. Many wires are available with different capacities and insulation like FR PVC, FRLS PVC, FRZH, FRLF PVC, HR FR-LSH, FRFS, etc. Polycab offers eco-friendly wires that save energy.

Finolex cables limited 

With more than 50 years of experience, Finolex has become India's largest wire manufacturing company. The company started its journey in 1958 in Pune. More than 4000 distributors are actively working in the company. It has also crossed 3319 cr annual turnover. 

Finolex Is one of the most used wire companies in India. The cables are available from 0.75 sq. mm to 16 sq. mm. Finolex uses 99.97 % pure bright annealed electrolytic bare copper in the wire for better conductivity. The cables are fire and water-resistant due to their insulation. It can stand against heat without getting affected.

Havells India limited 

Havells is well known for the quality wire they produce. It was established alongside Finolex in Uttar Pradesh. Havells is a multinational company exporting to more than 60 countries and has manufacturing units in America, China, Europe, and Africa. It has 14 huge manufacturing plants in India. It is also considered the most trusted company, with certification from the Indian Green Building Council and Confederation of Indian Industry.

The cables start from 0.5 sq. mm and are available in various sizes. The outer coating of the wire protects it from mice and insects. It has 99.95 % pure copper as the wire and PVC HRFR as the covering.

V - guard industries limited

The V - guard company started in 1977 in Kochi. V guard has earned the reputation for introducing various essential equipment in electricity. It has 5000 distributors and 20,000 retailers actively working. 

V - guard uses 99.97% copper in the wires. Triple-layer of insulation is made for better protection. The long-lasting cables are flexible enough to bend and use in wiring easily.

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KEI Cables & Wires

KEI is a Delhi-based company that started in 1968. It provides different types of wires as per the requirement of the customer. It has 21 units in India, from which wires are exported to 45 countries. The company also produces different items, but 95% of the company's production is wiring. It has provided effective solutions to OIL, Tata, reliance, and other big companies. 

The company is growing its market day by day with a 40% rise. The wire comprises 99.98 % pure electrolyte grade bright annealed bare copper. The cables come in different sizes and colors. 

Syska Cables & Wires

Syska is comparatively a new emerging brand in wire production. It started its journey in 1989 as an aware production company that later widened up to add LED bulbs and home appliances. 

The Syska wires use 99.98 % pure copper with low smoke insulation. The cables are available in various lengths, starting from 90m to 150m.       

Plaza Cable

In 1934 Plaza cable started manufacturing wires and cables in Delhi. They focus on the best possible safety measures and quality wiring. The company has modern technologies used in manufacturing good-quality wires. 

It provides lead-free wires with an FR PVC insulation coating. It is available in different sizes. The quality of the wire is optimum and effective against damages. 

RR Kabel

RR Kabel has created a revolution within the modern era companies producing wires and cables. They have a huge market across the country, and customers are from various fields. RR Kabel has earned nearly 20 certifications for different reasons. 

It manufactures various kinds of wires with different types of insulators. It has already created a base in 85 countries. The company makes both aluminum and copper wires. The copper wires are 100% electrolytic copper. 

Sterlite technology limited

This is one of the newest but most efficient companies in the country. With its reach of up to 10 countries worldwide, Sterlite is rising high. It has recently crossed an annual turnover of 5087 cr.

Cable Corporation Of India

The company started as a partnership with German companies, and now it has added its name to the top 10 list of wire production companies. It focuses on a good quality conductor and a safe insulator.


These things are very complicated to install. So doing it yourself could be a risk, and you may end up hurting yourself or burning down your whole house. The issues with house wiring must be carefully handled. Choose the best company to rely on for the safety of your house.