Best Suggestion AC Technician to Maintain your AC for Long Time

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AC or Air Conditioners have become the essential electrical home appliances for every Indian home. ACS can maintain the room's temperature, and you can get the best cooling to enjoy the scorching heat of the summer days. However, the leading AC technician suggests that you must apply the right way to maintain your AC and its proper functioning to enjoy the best cooling efficiency.

Best Suggestions to Maintain your AC and Enjoy the Summer Days.

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Clean the Filters Regularly

The air filters in your AC get dirty with regular usage. Your AC cannot work correctly and make more noise if dirt and dust are in the air filter. You can also get proficient cooling from your AC. Thus, it is advisable that you must clean the air filters of your AC every three months. If you use disposable filters in your AC, you must change the filters every year to get the best performance.

Turn off your AC When it is not in use

You must turn off your AC when there is no one in the room to save your electricity bill and maintain its proper working condition. Some people always turn on their AC even if they are not in the room. It will create extra pressure on your AC and damage it.

Close your Room well

You must close your room well to get proper cooling. If your room is not tightly closed, the cool air will leak, and it can cause pressure in your AC. It will create extra pressure on your AC, which leads to its overheating.

There are also chances for your AC to get damaged. The air conditioner technician suggests that you apply several ways, including caulking, weather-stripping, and proper insulation, and seal the room well to prevent cool air loss.

Choose to Make your Room Shady

You must make your room shady to maintain a cool temperature. You can shut your room's windows or use heavy curtains to prevent the sunlight from entering the room. The sunlight consists of UV rays which increase the temperature of your room. It can create extra pressure on your AC and hamper its smooth functioning.

Ensure Enough Space for your AC

You must ensure choosing a spacious area for installing your AC. Both the indoor and outdoor areas of your AC must have enough space. It will ensure that the air spreads evenly throughout the entire area, and you can also enjoy faster cooling in your place. You must avoid a small or cramped place to install your AC.

Usage of Smart Thermostats

You must choose a thermostat that has programmable features. It will save your power consumption and save more on your electricity bills. A smart thermostat is ideal for maintaining the proper cooling of your AC. If there is not any automatic programmable feature in your AC, you can adjust the thermostat of your AC between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius to ensure the smooth functioning of your AC.

Use Ceiling fans with your AC

You can also use ceiling fans along with your AC to cool your room faster. Ceiling fans can spread the cool air throughout the room and save your energy. Moreover, it decreases the pressure on your AC and is the most effective way to cool your room faster, as advised by the finest ac mechanic in your location.


So, you can follow these tips to maintain your AC and get faster cooling from it. You can also take expert guidance from an expert AC technician from Nakoda Urban Services to know more about maintaining your AC properly for a long time.

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