Best tips to enhance the look of your modular kitchen

Modular Kitchen Interior 06

Modular kitchens are considered better in style and look compared to the conventional carpenter-made ones. A modular kitchen interior has maximum storage capacity and is also convenient to use.

Modular Kitchen Interior

You must plan accordingly to get the best look in your modular kitchen and make it more spacious. Have you been thinking about the best tips to enhance your modular kitchen’s aesthetic appeal? If yes, then have a look at them below:


Importance of Layout

You must consider the size of the kitchen. Next, choose a straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped layout that is the most suitable for your kitchen. You can also choose the golden triangle rule to focus on the hob, the refrigerator, and the sink. The ideal distance between points must be between 4 feet to 9 feet.

Appliances in the Kitchen

You must also consider the kitchen appliances to design your modular kitchen. Ensure to get enough plug points for all the appliances. Also, consider the position of the kitchen chimney unit. You must choose a chimney with high suction power to eliminate the odors and make your kitchen smoke-free.

Consider the Storage

You must consider the storage requirements of the kitchen and plan the drawers and cabinets for storing different materials there. Make sure to choose a good pantry unit to store dry kitchen ingredients. You can also choose overhead cabinets and increase their heights to the ceiling level. Besides, ensure a gap between the overhead cabinets and the ceiling while planning for your kitchen’s interior design.

Choose the Materials

If you want the best quality for your kitchen plywood, you must choose to buy water-resistant plywood to make your kitchen moisture-free. You can consider choosing acrylic, laminate, membrane finish, and Duco paint finishes to get the best exterior finish for the kitchen cabinetry.

On the other hand, granite and quartz are the best materials for the countertop. You must not use marble as it can get stained after a few days. Also, try to avoid less durable materials like MDF, HDF or particle boards. These materials are not considered ideal for your modular kitchen as they can get damaged in moisture-laden conditions.

Choose the Perfect Colors

You can prefer a single color and choose a combination of two colors for your modular kitchen interior. A matte finish is better for the kitchen cabinets as glossy finished kitchen cabinets can easily show fingerprints and get smudged.

Lights for Under-Cabinets

You can choose the perfect ceiling lighting for your kitchen. However, the overhead cabinets can cause shadows in the kitchen. So, you must prefer to choose under-cabinets to illuminate the lighting for your kitchen. You can get proper lights while cooking or looking for things if you install under-cabinet lights in your modular kitchen.

Choose the Most Suitable Kitchen Accessories

You can get a wide range of kitchen accessories to get the best modular kitchen interior design for your modular kitchen. The best kitchen accessories include pull-outs, pull-out baskets, corner units, tall units, cutlery organizers, and under-sink accessories. You must integrate these kitchen accessories according to the type and needs of your kitchen.


So, these tips can be beneficial for you to enhance the look and attractiveness of your modern look modular kitchen interior. You must also choose your budget according to your kitchen type to find the best prices to make your kitchen into a modular one. You can take expert guidance from Nakoda Urban Services and get the necessary information about how to enhance the look of your modular kitchen.

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