5 Home Colour you Must Avoid

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Choosing the right colour for multiple areas of your home could be challenging. Furthermore, specific colours can significantly affect the aura of your house. Choosing the right home colour scheme is essential if you've decided to paint your home to upgrade your living space or improve the probability of a swift, great value sale. Allow us to assist you in making the final choice. Here are 5 colours you must avoid painting your home inside and out.

Home Colours you Must Avoid

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The Classic Beige

The neutral colours may aid a residence in selling but can also have a dusty cast. The walls and ceiling can start looking very dirty in a short period which may not impress anyone. Beige is like the high-waisted jeans of wall paint colours. High-waisted jeans are modest, unremarkable, and completely unflattering.

Beige is very often connected with safety. It's a fair choice, a safe guess. Never mind that selecting the wrong shade of Beige is as easy as selecting the wrong tone of any other colour. Resist using yellowish Beige or khaki colours—nothing with a muddy undertone or effect. After all, you would not want your home colour looking like a clove of rotten garlic, do you?

Tumultuous or vivid colours

Now it’s time to colour your bedroom, and you want to paint it your favourite colour, the statement blue or black. Really? Consider rethinking the choice you just made. While a nice pair of black boots or a black suit can make your heart flutter, painting your walls black isn't the greatest option. Your bedroom should not feel like a separate place from your home. Painting a bold colour may seem exciting at first, but it can be unrelaxing and might even give you headaches for crying out loud.

A person’s bedroom is a place to relax and wind down, maybe get some ideas running and think about the day. Looking at a pitch-black ceiling will not evoke any blossoming or soothing thoughts as you wish to fall asleep. The same reasoning remains true for other dark shades such as navy, dark grey, and deep earth tones.

To prevent a décor tragedy, definitely avoid these colours when selecting wall paint colours. Such colours may also make you feel gloomy, a feeling you would not prefer to sleep with.
Bold colours are big NO-NO for home colour outside the house as well. Yes, no painting the exteriors of your house with any loud colours either; come on, that is just absurd.

The Pastel Palette

Baby blue and “light strawberry milkshake” pink is nice and comforting colours, but those don't collaborate well on the house’s exterior. "Regardless of whether your home is in the hubbub of a marketplace or not, the interior appeal is highly vital. A home should always feel like a home and not like a candy store. It’s all about that first impact.

Such colours might turn into a "planned mishap” if not paired well. Maybe try combining the colours with different types of wall painting techniques, such as a textured wall, with some different shades to give it a little pop. But remember not to go overboard in choosing the shades of pink or blue for your home colour. Different Colours can affect a person’s mind in multiple ways. Studies show people consume more snacks in blue packaging, so possibly avoid painting your kitchen blue.

Pure white/warm white

Like Beige and grey, white is one of the safety colours used when refurbishing your interior environment. Using pure white (white with a blue undertone) to create a cool, striking interior may be a good idea, but it can make the living space feel too "cold." Furthermore, remember that pure whites counterbalance dramatically with dark decor and dark floor coverings.

So if your home interior is on the other side of the spectrum, avoid using these shades of white. Such ambience will serve as a distraction from leisure. On the other hand, Choosing an orangey or creamy white may make your walls appear dull and the walls will eventually and inevitably get dirty. If you don't want your home colour to be dirty every 2 months or don't want to be scared to put your hands on your own house's walls, skip this one.

Scarlet red

One of the colours to avoid painting your house with is red. Red increases the power level in a living space, eliciting feelings such as vitality, desire, or frustration. These provocative, emotional responses may spur the brain enough before bedtime, starting to cause you to find it difficult to sleep. Bright red can be judging and preclude you from resting. Furthermore, saturated shades of red typically draw the walls more forward, making the area appear smaller.


Besides choosing the right home colour, it's essential for the right brand of colour paint. The way the living space will appear, aside from your choice of colour, greatly depends upon the quality of the home colour paint you choose. So do not forget to do some research before picking up the right bucket for your desired shade.
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