6 Best Wall Putty Brands in India

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Wall putties are used to impart the wall shiny and strong. You will require the best wall putty available in the market to ensure the betterment of the walls of your home. Here are some top reliable putty manufacturing companies.

Putty is applied on the wall's surface during a house's construction. It is a white-coloured cementitious substance used on the outer and inner walls. It makes the walls smooth yet abrasive enough to hold the paint easily. It acts as a protective layer over the wall and prevents excessive water from damaging them.

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A single coat of putty will be sufficient to protect your walls. However, a double coat will make your walls durable enough for a long period. Putty application is also required during the repairing of walls. Suppose you have water damage or any evident cracks or gaps visible in your walls. In that case, it is essential to apply putty on them.

Putty comes in various colours and forms, which depends on the consistency of the ingredients used. There are two kinds of wall putty available: a white cement wall putty or an acrylic wall putty. You are free to choose the best wall putty according to your preference but do not overlook the requirements of your house.

White cement wall putty is made by mixing the polymers and minerals. The main ingredient of white cement wall putty is white cement, which provides a smooth and polished surface. Acrylic wall putty consists of a solution of acrylic and water. They are less expensive and easy to use but stand inferior to white cement wall putties.

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Why is wall putty necessary?

Wall putties serve various benefits to your house walls. Choosing the best wall putty protects your walls from different external elements.

1. Wall putties straighten the wall and make it durable for a very long period.

2. It fills the gaps and cracks during repairing and before applying paint to create an even surface.

3. It avoids water seepage and moisture accumulation inside the walls.

4. It is cost-effective and ensures that excessive paint is not used.

How to choose the best wall putty?

It would be best if you consider the following factors to choose the best wall putty for your house.

Colour of Putty

When the colour of putty matches the paint used on the wall, it gives an attractive look. The complementing coloured putty helps to enhance the colour shade. So keep the colour you will be using on the walls before buying a wall putty.

Form of Putty

Putty is available in various forms. Some are expensive but durable, while others are not meant for long-lasting use. So the best wall putty that will suit your needs will depend upon your preference.


Waterproofing is the essential feature of wall putty. Selecting a wall putty that provides better water resistance can save you money in the future.

6 Best Wall Putty Brands in India

Birla White Putty

Birla white wall putty is one of the most trusted companies in manufacturing wall putty. Aditya Birla company produces the white putty under the brand name Birla white putty. The quality of putty they provide is very high. They constantly engage their employees to research and produce putty that can enhance walls' protection. The Birla white putties are highly water-resistant and work best against rain. Their polish never fades away.

JK White Putty

JK group has a great experience in manufacturing and selling building materials for a very long period in India. They also provide white putty for your walls. JK group manufacturers Acrylic-based wall putty that provides a shiny finish to your walls. The glossy finish makes a good surface for wall paints. JK cement wallmaxx putty is considered the best wall putty of the JK group.

Jensolin Putty

Jensolin putty is manufactured by Jenson & Nicholson. They produce cement-based putty that helps create a protective layer for your walls. They use the best raw materials to ensure the quality of the putty. Their best wall putty gives a smooth finish to your walls. The high adhesive strength avoids the water entrance and resists cracks and gaps.

Asian Paints White Cement Putty

Asian paint's white putty is one of the best-cemented putties across the country. The Asian wall putty works evenly on both painted and fabricated walls. It protects the wall and the paint on it. It is one of the most commonly used wall putty in Indian households.

Iris White Putty

Iris's white putty is constantly growing in the Indian market. You may not have heard about it, but the quality of the putty they provide is among the best wall putty out on the market. The amorphous state of the putty helps in carrying. It offers fast drying and avoids any time wastage.

Dulux White Putty

The Dulux white putty is the most reliable and trusted brand in India. It has been there in the industry since 1931. The putty they manufacture is high quality, strengthening walls and reducing paint consumption.


Wall putties can help you to make your walls durable and attractive. Choosing a low-quality putty can end with grave consequences like water leakage and colour falling out, but the best wall putty can save your walls, paints and time. If you are unsure which one to choose, you can contact the experts available on Nakoda Urban Services.

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