7 Types of Wood Used in the Interior in India

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It is undoubtedly true that interior design in India is mainly dependent on wood architecture. You can get different styles and shapes for your interior to get a more ethnic look. Wood is also considered to be a quite durable and sustainable element for interior design. 

Types of Wood for Interior

Just in case you are searching for the right wood for your house’s or office’s interior design, you are at the right place. It’s because here we will discuss the seven best types of wood used in the interior in our country. You must consider the best kind of wood for your interior to get the most elegant yet pleasing style. 

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Teak wood 

If you want to choose the best furniture for your interiors, you can easily choose teak wood. Teak is considered one of the best wood for furniture making. It is majorly found in Kerala. Teak wood is affordable and durable, so it is widely used in making bed frames and cabinets for the interior. Moreover, teak has natural waterproofing abilities. So, you can use it for outdoor purposes as well. Teak can also be considered the finest element for wooden flooring at your residence or office. 


Rosewood is also known as Sheesham, and this wood is majorly grown in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Odisha. It is also considered one of the best types of wood for its ability to match all types of polishes. It is considered the best wood among all types of wood for making the living room and bedroom furniture. It is also more expensive than teak wood and very durable and termite-resistant. You can also get a grain pattern and uniqueness in rosewood furniture. 

Sal wood 

Sal wood is a dark brown and solid, rough, and durable wood. If you want to get strength and durability for your interior, you can easily choose this wood. It is also the best type of wood for making doors and windows in India. It is also a durable wood with resistance capability against termites and fungus. Its resistance capability is ideal for choosing this wood for making window frames, doors, and support beams in the interior in India. 


This wood is preferred in the interior for its strength. It is commonly used in making outdoor furniture and primarily wooden wardrobes. It consists of a strong fragrance that naturally repels insects and provides a serene fragrance to your home environment. Cedar oil collected from Cedar trees is weather-proof and has resistance to fungal growth and bacteria. The wood also has low maintenance and is ideal for high humid regions.

Mahogany Wood

This wood is reddish-brown in color and consists of a natural affinity for all types of polishes in the interior of India. It is also resistant to moisture and all types of temperatures. Moreover, the wood is known for its stable nature and never shrinks, or swells even if the weather changes. You can also get grain texture in this type of wood, and its deep color is ideal for choosing it for making doors and indoor furniture like bed frames or crockery cabinets.


Oakwood is a durable type of wood, and it also has the ability to resist rough usage. Oak is found in many colors, and you can get versatile designs for your interior with this wood. However, white and dark brown are the most common colors for this wood.


Satinwood is also known as Chloroxylon swietenia. It is also one of the best wood for its robustness and durability. Moreover, it has a high gloss finish making it very attractive. You can find this wood majorly in central and southern India. The wood is easy to care for and chosen for its low- maintenance. You can get a flawless finish with satinwood. It is chosen for making wooden floors as it doesn't require everyday cleaning. You can also hide minor imperfections in your interior with this wood. So, it is one of the best woods for flooring in India. 
Moreover, it is durable and you can get the best finish with a polish of any type. Satinwood is majorly used to make decorative pieces and furniture for your interior.


So, the above-mentioned are the best types of wood for providing a bright and regal look to your interior. You can also find several types of synthetic alternatives for your interior. However, wood is the most preferred for Indian interior designs for getting the best durability and beauty. Since Indian types of interiors prefer intricate carvings, the various types of wood are the best choice for Indian households.

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