10 Different Wood Types That Are Perfect For Indian Furniture

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When choosing furniture, avoid becoming confused by the numerous wood varieties. You can use this list to determine the top wood for furniture in India.


For many years, wood has been favoured in Indian interior and architectural design. Given its many applications, wood is simple to incorporate into a variety of design concepts and fashions. Similar to how wood is a renewable interior design material when supplied ethically and sustainably. The various varieties of timber and their applications, peculiar to the Indian market, are compiled below.


Continue reading to learn more about the different varieties of wood you may use in your home's interior design.


What Justifies Choosing Wooden Furniture?

You might be asking if hardwood flooring is even worth the cost before we discuss the many types of wood being used for furniture. Naturally, your personal preferences will have the final say on this. The advantages of employing various kinds of wood for decor should also be known, though.


In other respects, if you adore the rustic appearance of wood in home decor, the investment is worthwhile. Wood included in furniture may endure quite a while, making it a terrific heirloom investment that requires no upkeep.


What Kinds of Wood Can You Find in India?

Knowing what each type of wood is is useful because there are numerous types of wood used for furniture in India. Here is a table of the different types of wood you may find in India, along with information on how to utilise each kind of timber for furniture.


1. Teak Wood


Teak wood is arguably the most popular sort of wood used to make furniture in India. It's interesting to note that this isn't just because Kerala, India, is home to one of the wood species that make up that country. Then why is Indian teak wood the greatest wood for furniture? Simple is the response. Teak wood is durable and reasonably priced, making it perfect for making basic furniture like furniture pieces and cabinets.


Its natural waterproofing properties make it one of the more resilient species of wood, making it perfect for outdoor use. Teak wood is your finest option if you're wanting to put wooden flooring in your residence among the many species of trees used for furniture in India.


2. Rosewood from India


Rosewood is an excellent choice if you want your furniture to have exquisite carvings.

Another locally cultivated type of wood for furniture can be noticed in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Odisha, among other provinces. Rosewood, also known as Sheesham. It is the greatest wood for home furnishings in India, particularly for living room and bedroom furniture, due to its resistance to many types of polish or finish.


If you're searching for a rosewood vs. teak wood evaluation, you should be aware that rosewood is slightly more expensive. But the strength and termite resistance of rosewood furniture more than makeup for the cost. The distinct grain pattern of the wood utilised for this sort of furniture further enhances the room's aesthetic appeal.


3. varieties of wood found in sal wood

Sal wood is one of the most popular types of wood in homes because it is ideal for indoor rafters.

Sal wood is a robust and hardy competitor among the different types of wood found in India. It is a dark-brown variation. These kinds of wood can only be used to reinforce and support constructions. The same makes it a strong candidate to be one of the woods used for furniture.


Additionally, sal wood is fungal and termite resistant. Because of this, many homeowners would say that sal is the best timber for furnishings in India. Its widespread use in the construction of interior door frames, window frames, and support beams is further supported by these factors.


4. Wood from cedar or Marandi


Famous for its durability, cedar wood is frequently used to make outdoor furniture and is widely utilised in wooden wardrobes. Even better, although its perfume naturally deters insects, it is also a pleasant scent to people! It is weatherproof, bacterial growth and fungal development resistant due to the deeply ingrained cedar oil. Many people in India consider it to be the ideal wood for furniture due to its beautiful appearance and insect-repelling qualities.


This kind of wood requires little care and is a great option for India's environment. Therefore, if you reside in a high-humidity area, the kinds of wood for furnishings in India that you use will be crucial to maintaining the appearance of your interiors.


5. wooden mahogany

In humid environments, mahogany wood that resists moisture is an excellent investment.

The distinctive reddish-brown colour of this wood variety makes it easy to identify. Furniture made of mahogany has a natural attraction for polishes, which only increases its resistance to dampness and varying temperatures.


Because of its stability, it is less prone to contract, expand, or distort when the weather changes. Mahogany is an obvious pick for doors and interior furniture like mattresses and even crockery cabinets because of the wood grain and rich colour it has.


6. an oak tree


Choose a modest wood table to bring some rustic appeal to your dining area.

The strength and rapid rate of deterioration and wear of oak wood are its most notable qualities. The colour range of this sort of wood, which ranges from nearly white to something like dark brown, makes it extremely adaptable in terms of design.


As a result, it makes the best option of wood for daily-used furniture like dining tables. There's more, too! Oak wood is less expensive in India than mahogany wood, making it a great choice for less expensive alternatives.


7. Mulberry Wood


Using a mulberry wood dining table, make a statement.

If you are acquainted with the Chinese custom of maintaining tea pets, you may be aware that they deteriorate with years and use. Mulberry ages and turns brown when brewed in tea, just like these tea pets do. Although mulberry wood is a hardwood, the colour intensity can vary greatly. Therefore, make sure to dye your mulberry furniture by your preference if you want a particular shade of timber for your furniture.


8. a Deodar tree


Make a statement with two-tone kitchen cabinets made of deodar wood.

Deodar is one of the better wood varieties for you if you like a softer variety. Deodar wood has similar anti-fungal qualities to cedar wood. Deodar, which grows naturally in the Himalayas, can be the greatest wood for furnishings in India's cooler climes. This increases its resistance to reduced temperatures and qualifies it for interior use.


9. Jackwood


adore the appearance of dark cabinets? Maybe Jackwood can make your rooms look good.

You got it correct if, upon reading the word "jackwood," you imagined a jackfruit. The wood from the well-known and adored jackfruit trees is what is known as "jackwood." Typically, in addition to being used to build furniture, the wood kinds in this category are also used to create musical instruments. Who thought one tree could provide so many advantages?


10. Satin Wood


Satinwood is the best approach to replicate the appearance and sensation of antique furniture.

Satinwood, in contrast to deodar, is indigenous to southern India and is frequently used in furniture with an ancient feel. Satinwood has a lighter tint than the other varieties of wood. Additionally, you can experiment with the shade of this wood by applying various stains or finishes.


What Stands Out Among Wood's Characteristics?

  • A smooth finish and a discernible grain are characteristics of high-quality wood. The likelihood of inferior quality wood is increased if the wood you are buying is rough or scratched.
  • Colour: This might vary depending on the type of wood, however, you might like to examine the wood's authenticity if the colour seems overly fake.
  • Durability: The furnishings you are buying are probably not constructed of real wood if it only lasts a few years. Real wood is much more enduring and robust.


This list should be beneficial to you, we hope! Look no further if you want lovely interiors for your house. Nakoda Urban Services now accepts online appointments. We would love to hear your ideas if you would want to share them with us. I appreciate your reading.