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Pest control at Home 31

Pests are an annoying nuisance no matter where they appear. It is undoubtedly always a laborious process to eliminate the pests after you have identified their presence. Well, if you find yourself in a position of requiring pest control services, you need to vouch for the best pest control service providers as a remedy to all your problems.

They should be the reliable professionals who will come over and implement the best pest control tips methods to help you solve the problem. They must provide their customers and patrons with a clean, safe and pest-free environment at work as well as inside the house.

They must also be equipped with the right tools of the trade to make the entire process as seamless as possible. In this article, you will find some helpful pest control tips to help you accomplish pest control home services. 

Pest control Tips

There are some things that you can do to prevent pests. Here are some of them: 

  1. Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean

Pests tend to thrive when there are dirty and damp environments. So, always make sure to wipe down your kitchen countertops, stoves, drawers, etc. Make sure there aren’t any food specks lying around as they tend to attract pests. When cleaning bathrooms, make sure you clean the sinks and toilets thoroughly. Unclogging drains are also necessary. 

  1. Prevent water stagnation

Standing water sources are the major place in which pests like mosquitoes tend to breed. By ensuring that all places that collect water are dry, kept dry, and sanitised, you prevent these pests from breeding. 

  1. Dispose of all garbage properly

Proper and regular garbage disposal is key to prevent pests. Often you will find a pest infestation in and around places where you have undisposed garbage and unclean environments. This is a serious health concern and hence make sure you take out the trash regularly. 

  1. Ensure your garden is well maintained

Gardens are natural habitats for a lot of pests. Maintaining them and ensuring they don’t become breeding grounds for pests are an important part of pest control. 

Types of Pest control services available: 

There are a large variety of pest issues that you could be facing. Here are some of them. 

  • Termites

Termites are destructive pests that eat through the wood and walls. They can cause structural instability to your house and furniture. You can call expert termite control specialists who will inspect the entire house and check for termite dwelling spots and places of potential termite activity.

With the help of the best chemicals recommended by WHO, they will use a solution and treatment plan that is sure to terminate all termite zones within 30 to 60 minutes of application. 

  • Mosquito

Mosquitos are a menace to live with and can also be dangerous to your health. Mosquito bites can cause serious diseases and hence must be dealt with effectively. 

By calling us, you can get expert treatment plans that will drastically reduce the mosquito population around your house and help protect you and your family from mosquito-borne diseases.  

  • Cockroach

Cockroaches are perhaps one of the most common types of pest control needs for most people. These critters that tend to swarm unhygienic locations must be eradicated before they ruin food and consumables.

Our team will inspect and identify the dwellings of cockroaches and use a flashlight and gel baits to catch and kill them. 

  • Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation can cause allergies and harmful reactions to the skin. They can cause you to itch with their bites and also lose your sleep. Our team will inspect the furniture and linen and implement a safe and odourless solution to treat and remove the bed bugs from their roots. 

Pest control methods

There are several pest control methods that you can follow to effectively eradicate the pests in your house. After all,  Pest control home needs are best taken care of when you can do them yourself.  

For mosquitoes: 

Use mosquito repellents and spray them around the house in the evening. Using mosquito bats after repellent sprays can ensure you kill all the mosquitoes in the area.

You can also use other mosquito prevention devices like mosquito coils and vaporisers. Preventing water from stagnating is a good prevention method. 

For termites: 

While you should call a pest control service for handling it professionally,  you can always use store-bought termite solutions and pour them in the spots, cracks and crevices you think they might be hiding in. Natural solutions are also available in the form of vinegar, essential oils, etc. 

For cockroaches: 

Anti-cockroach sprays and consistent sanitation are the best ways to handle cockroaches. Do not leave any open, unclean surface in kitchens and bathrooms.

Make sure you regularly clean hard to reach places that may become spots where cockroaches hide. Sweep and mop regularly to clean up any garbage and food crumbs that may attract cockroaches. 

For bed bugs: 

If you think your bed, sheets, pillows and linen are infested with bed bugs, then you should wash all of them thoroughly in hot water and soap water in alternate cycles. Vacuum the mattresses and cushions and hang them out to dry.

You can also use essential oils and baking soda to eliminate bed bugs.  You can also give your sheets for steam cleaning to ensure there aren’t any bed bugs remaining.