How to start cleaning my house?

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Spring cleaning is an arduous process but is worth the effort when you can see your house clean and in the most pristine conditions. While you may or may not enjoy the process, there are certainly ways to go about it to optimize your efficiency. We have listed below some of the best cleaning services in Delhi

  1. Plan your war and pick your battles:

It is important to formulate a solid game plan before you march into your cleaning routine. Think about how you wish to clean up house and how long you wish to allocate time for the task. We recommend you divide the entire cleaning process into sub-processes like sweeping, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, etc., and complete the process for the entire house instead of completing each room at a time. 

  1. Assemble your artillery of cleaning tools before heading out to clean:

It has been proven that collecting all the tools of your cleaning kit before you clean can help you get organised and set for the day to come. Anything you might need on board to help you get the job done, ranging from brooms and mops to buckets and totes, should ideally be collected in the corner of a room. 

  1. Declutter flat surfaces:

Of the many cleaning home tips, this should always be your priority when it comes to cleaning your home. You must declutter the mess that lies on tables, chairs, benches, cupboards, sofas, etc., and have them all arranged and sorted in their respective places. Once you are done with that, make sure you wipe down and clean all the open flat surfaces and countertops. 

  1. Dust and vacuum:

When you are trying to make your Cleaning house tips, start by dusting the floors, tops of furniture, doors, cupboards, etc.  Do this for all open surfaces that you can see and reach. For those places that are out of your reach, use a microfiber cloth. 

  1. Wiping and cleaning mirrors, glasses, and windows:

Windows are in constant contact with the outside air, and hence they tend to accumulate dust over a period of time. We suggest you start cleaning windows by opening them and wiping down all the glasses and mirrors using a wet cloth. You can also use brushes to dust off any residue, dirt, and grime in the hinges. 

  1. Sweep before proceeding to mop:

You can clean up house effectively by sweeping all the rooms followed by thoroughly mopping it. Make sure you collect all dust and dirt onto a dustpan after you have collected it into a corner. Then proceed to mop the entire house going from one corner of a room all the way to the doorway. Also, ensure that you rinse the mop regularly. 

  1. Move on to tubs, sinks, toilets, and bathrooms:

You can now go to clean the tiled and sanitary surfaces like bathrooms, sinks, tubs, and toilets. Focus your attention on them for greater periods of time and ensure they are sanitised to the highest degree. Use a cleaner to dissolve all the dirt and stains. Always keep the toilets for last. 

  1. Availing the help of Cleaning services:

If you find these cleaning house tips a bit too time-consuming and you are in a hurry to make your house presentable for guests or visitors, you can always hire cleaning services. They will send a team of professionals who can help you make your house neat and tidy. 

It is always best to have a strategy and system in place that works for you. We understand the hassle behind making everything spick and span, and we sincerely hope these cleaning home tips were useful to both novice and experienced cleaners alike and you keep these in mind the next time you decide to clean your house.