Ideal Vastu Colors for Bedroom and Kitchen

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If you are wondering about choosing the perfect Vastu colours for your bedroom and kitchen, you must choose the colours that match the positive vibes of these places. An ideal colour choice for your home can enhance the beauty and elegance of your surroundings as well. Moreover, the right colour for these places can attract positivity and good luck to you. If you have been struggling to understand which colours would suit your house. 

Ideal Vastu Colors for your Kitchen 

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The kitchen is the place where we make our food, and it is considered the place to keep the fire elements of our home. So, the kitchen is associated with fire, and you must choose a bright and vibrant kitchen colour as per Vastu that matches and represents fire.  

Red and orange are the most suitable colours for your kitchen, and it’s because these colours also represent fire. Moreover, these are the most vibrant colours, and that’s why you can choose them for your kitchen walls. 

You can also choose warm tones of colours like pink to signify love and warmth. You can also prefer brown for your kitchen as it represents satisfaction in your mind. 

If you have kitchen cabinets, you can paint them with a shade of lemon-yellow, green, or orange to ensure freshness, positivity, and vitality of mind. 

You can prefer any shade of orange, green, or yellow for your kitchen walls. On the other hand, you must never choose any shades of black and blue to paint your kitchen to avoid negativity. 

Ideal Vastu colors for your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place that provides positivity to the mind after waking up from sleep. Thus, it is necessary for your bedroom to have a serene atmosphere and an apprehensive look. You can get your positivity of mind with the most elegant colours for your bedroom. If you want to choose the best Vastu colours for your bedroom, you must give preference to soothing colours to enhance the positive vibes in your bedroom. The colours must represent peace and calmness of mind. 

You can consider white to paint your bedroom as white is associated with peace and serenity. The colour will provide you with mental peace and improve your positivity. 

You can also consider any light shade of purple or blue for your Vastu colours for your bedroom to add serenity to your bedroom. Even if the darker shades are not ideal for matching the calmness of your mind, you can prefer the lighter shades of these colours to gain rejuvenation from your bedroom’s environment. 

Light shades of yellow or pink are considered ideal for newly-married couples. These colours can enhance love, peace, and understanding among couples and make their marital life more prosperous. 

Even if the dark shade of red is not at all recommended for your bedroom, you can prefer lighter shades of red to paint your bedroom. Red is associated with vitality and positivity. You can increase your positivity and increase the warmth in your home environment with a light shade of red. 

You can also prefer shades of green or a light golden colour for your bedroom. It will provide a natural appearance to your bedroom and increase the positivity in your soul. 
However, you must avoid dark colours or shades of black to cut off negativity from your mind. 


You must always prefer the ideal Vastu colours that can provide the best aesthetic appeal and add vibrance to your home environment. However, we would recommend you choose expert guidance from the experts at Nakoda Urban Services to get the right painting solutions for your home.

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