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Cleaning Services

Just brushing my teeth this morning while looking at the mirror and thought to strike my mind for routine check-up of my teeth. While having this thought, I used to sit on my couch with coffee and newspaper in my hand. In this deep thought, I noticed stains and many amounts of dirt in my couch and again thought that my pet dog also used to sit on my couch and leave bacteria and germs from his body and hairs and it may affect my health and my family too.

Two types of thoughts were running in my mind to book a hectic routine appointment for teeth check-up or to get my couch and furniture clean and sanitize. For teeth check-up, I have to book my turn, go for a check-up, test, so hectic it was.

Then, I just google cleaning service for my couch and other furniture. I found a great deal of Nakoda Urban Services (NUS) with their comfortable service facility and cheap rates chart and it is so helpful for me. Then without doing any second late, I just booked my service in my given timeslot for cleaning service. With the prior call, their team visit at my place and start their cleaning and sanitizing service with all their expertise and make my couch, furniture and other stuff clean, hygiene and disinfected from all viruses and bacteria.

It was really helpful for me to get all work done under my presence. I booked their routine monthly package of cleaning and sanitizing with huge monthly discount.

(Note: - It was not any customer feedback but it was one’s thought about us)

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