How Nakoda Urban Services helping in Swachh Bharat Mission?

Swachh Bharat Mission by Nakodadcs 31

Swachh Bharat is the largest mission announced by our Honourable Prime Minister “Shree Narendra Modi Ji”. It was largely served campaign by all the citizen of our country. Each one took it as a responsibility and service towards our nation & society to make it clean and hygiene. From the several survey’s halves of the citizen take it as a duty and serve it to make “India” clean, hygiene & sanitized.

To clean our nation, it was a very wide opportunity for each one of us like, we Indians believe that by keeping home’s clean and hygiene “Lord Laxmi” will shower blessing upon us. Likewise, We NUS (Nakoa Urban Services) like to serve you by cleaning, making, your surroundings, hygiene and by sanitizing your home, commercial places and everything from all virus and bacteria. We the team of NUS believe in complete hygiene and contributing our devoted work in Swachh Bharat by serving you and making all your places Swachh from all dust & dirt, viruses and bacteria and from everything. All your cleaned places make it feel like a temple, were “Lord Laxmi” will bless you with her kindness.

Let’s unite, let’s clean, let’s take responsibility and make it clean our home, commercial places and nation too… We are just a call away from you. It's our extreme pleasure to serve you and make your all places hygiene by all our cleaning and sanitizing services.

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