The transformation from a revenue of $100 to $1M via WhatsApp: How did Nakoda Urban Services do it?
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The transformation from a revenue of $100 to $1M via WhatsApp: How did Nakoda Urban Services do it?

WhatsApp is a need of the hour since a huge chunk of the population has already started using it for their communication. This communication platform has been witnessed more as an informal hub of connecting with people than a formal one. But, Nakoda Urban Services knew how to make WhatsApp's best use and generate good revenue for its business! We always have focused on our customer's satisfaction, and that undoubtedly lies in their comfort. Our team worked at its best to fit in the comfort zone of the customers and help them get the best deals in our services.

How did the company go this HUGE via WhatsApp?

We understand that using WhatsApp is relatively easier, whether it is for the younger generation or the elderly one! We have always aimed to reach out to every section of society, and with WhatsApp, we have successfully done that. Reaching from the revenue of $100 to $1M is HUGE, and we are proud to experience such a positive transformation. 

Our complete thrust is on various Whatsapp channels to close a business. The complete life cycle of a lead is channelled on Whatsapp groups. The moment our customers inquire about our services, we spread the same to our vendors. The vendor with the lowest price gets the deal! We always ensure that our customers are getting affordable pricing for their needs. 

Inquiries come through our website, and as soon as the inquiry comes, we start working on the same via WhatsApp. Not only this, as soon as our services complete and the client is fully satisfied, we take reviews from them via WhatsApp. With this, they won't have to be a part of any kind of hassle for opening our website and then leave their reviews! 

‘It is quite commendable to note that no other company has used WhatsApp to this extent. WhatsApp is not only a chatting platform now, but it has proved to be a building platform for our whole enterprise.’

How did it all commence via WhatsApp? The whole story. 

Notably, WhatsApp is an ‘easy-to-use application. You can easily send photos, see videos, communicate with the clients, get services and leave your feedback. It consists of no hassle! We, at Nakoda Urban Services, want to step into the comfort of our customers and give them the best prices right on their WhatsApp. 

‘It all started with a challenge and ended with HUGE success! So glad, we were able to make it this BIG.’

At the time when we commenced with our working and started providing the services, we were facing a lack of technology. There was no apt platform that could help our esteemed service provider communicate with the team and give our customer the best deals! However, with our continuous dedication and a will to succeed, we made WhatsApp, our buddy! Everyone uses WhatsApp, and thus, nothing was better than reaching out to the customers via this application.

Various sources and channels are making us a success!

Not only for our customers, but we have got multiple channels for the seamless functioning of our in-house team. These also ensure that there is no hassle during the internal communication with the help of these array of channels:

Lead channel: As the name suggests, the lead channel focuses on notable inquiries and leads through our website or calls.

Site visit channel: Through this amazing channel, the management knows about the sites where the visits are happening.

Booking channel: The booking channel is meant for the purpose of sending the confirmation to the leads once they have decided to use our services.

Payment channel: Our internal employees eminently operate the payment channel. It shows proof of payment confirmation. The moment the confirmation comes up, the accounts team closes the gate. Later on, the payment status gets updated on the Google sheet.

Broadcast channel: We always want our customers to stay updated with what all is going on in our enterprise. As soon as a new blog, news, special offers/discounts or flyer is introduced for our company, our customer care executives float it to our current and past customers via the broadcast channel.

Moving from $100 to $1M is not a matter of your right hand! You'll have to learn to face the complexities just like us! We all worked together eminently towards customer satisfaction. We made it easier for our customers to communicate with us via WhatsApp. Our continuous will has taken us this far and made us one of the best urban services providers in the world!