Office Chair Cleaning Services

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Office Chair: Does it need intensive care and upkeep or just a fatka?


Whether you are working from a cubicle or home space, a good number of hours is spent on a chair.

The chair goes through a lot, food and drink spills, continuous usage tear and wear. You must have noticed that over some time, the wheels shows a restricted movement. It is an alarm to give your chair upkeep.


Simple steps for chair cleaning


  • Keep chair free from debris. Pickup visible solids gently. Never rub the upholstery as it will force the dirt deeper in the chair fabric.
  • The faster you attend to a spill, the less likely it is to set and cause a stain. If you act quickly enough, you should just need to dampen a cloth to sponge up as much of the liquid as you can.
  • The last step is for professionals cleaners.


They come with the required solvent and upholstery friendly chemical to treat the chair. Each chair fabric needs specific care, some need solvent-based chemical and other need water-based. The professionals are well-groomed in identifying the care required.


Professional chair cleaning at commercial space is a complex process


  • Vacuum up the dirt and dust
  • Use a natural, biodegradable dish detergent. The proportion is very specific
  • Rub the upholstery with cotton dipped in rubbing alcohol. This essentially works a disinfectant as well
  • Cleaning wheels, arms and legs
  • Use a butter knife to clean large debris:
  • Cut the clogged hair with scissors and use tweezers to remove any hair stuck
  • Use dampen cotton swab to remove minute dirt from wheel and wheel cover




5. Wipe down the chair arms and legs with a damp cloth


Note: Ensure the cloth or rag you use to clean chair should be lint-free.