What are the rates for house cleaning services in my area

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The house deep cleaning services are getting popular day by day, due to people’s busy schedules. They have no time to improve the quality of their houses. That is why they hire deep cleaning services to have a sparkling house free from dirt and debris. 

But, what are the house cleaning services expenses? Are they budget-friendly, or do they cost one high amount? There are many cleaning services available in the market that range from budget-friendly to expensive ones. 

You can search for deep cleaning services near me which are budget-friendly. The rates charged for the house deep cleaning services depend on how much is a house area and what things you want to get cleaned.

Here we have provided the general cost that the companies charge for providing house deep cleaning services to you. 

  • The average house cleaning services expenses charged by many companies are between INR 2000 to INR 5000 for about 2 hours. These may vary according to the additional cleaning services that you require for the process of deep cleaning. 
  • The deep kitchen cleaning will cost you around INR 4000, and the charges also depend on the square foot area of the place that is getting cleaned. If you want your oven, microwave, and other machinery cleaned, there are extra charges for every machinery cleaning. 
  • If you want to include bathrooms in the house cleaning service, the charges are around INR 3000 to INR 3500. The professionals will clean all the tiles, sinks, tubs, etc, and also disinfect the surfaces properly. 
  • The house cleaning services expenses are charged on a per room basis. Every room cleaning is charged for around INR 2000 to INR 3000. The cleaning charges are for two hours of service provided by the companies. 

These are some of the rates that will help you hire and calculate your house cleaning services expenses. You can search online for deep cleaning services near me to get your house cleaned in the best possible way. 

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