Tips to Ensure Longer Shelf Life of your Washing Machine

Washing machine maintenance tips 10

 Washing machines are one of the most important appliances when it comes to washing your clothes. The dysfunction of this appliance can lead to the piling up of all your dirty clothes and messiness in the house. There are a lot of activities that you can undertake when it comes to washing machine maintenance. Washing machines have made our lives easier, and it’s our utmost responsibility to facilitate them with timely maintenance. 

To keep these machines operating properly, make sure you are following the below mentioned automatic washing machine maintenance tips: 

  1. Deep Cleaning: 
    Do you intend to learn the answer to how to clean a semi automatic washing machine? If yes, then deep cleaning is the most important step you need to start with. If you notice that your clothes are not getting cleaned the way they used to before, the reason is scaling. Scaling occurs due to the presence of notable micro-residuals in the water, which is currently a very common issue. To sort this out, you would have to indulge in the activity of deep cleaning. 

  2. Regular cleaning of the lint filter
    While doing laundry, make sure you are efficiently cleaning the lint filter left out from the previous load of clothes. Just in case you cannot clean the filter after every wash, make sure you clean it after every 1-2 days. The detergent and the fabric softener present in the lint are the major factors ruining your filter. You should clean it with clean water. 

  3. Proper Access to Water
    Having proper water connections for your washing machine is very necessary. Your machine should be well-connected with the water pipes so that there is an easy inflow and outflow of water. Just in case there are any shortcomings in your water pipe connections, you should get it checked by the best plumbing services  providers. 

  4. Timely servicing

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    One of the most important tips to ensure your washing machine’s longevity is its timely servicing. For this, you would have to seek assistance from the finest electrician services providers. The electricians would keep a closer check on your washing machine and look out for the technical faults if any. This activity would ensure that your washing machine is not dealing with any technical shortcomings. If there are any, it shall be timely sorted out before getting worse. 

  5. Washing Machine Tub Cleaning 

    While you are using the tub clean, make sure that you are not loading your laundry during that tenure. Just in case you are noticing any recurring odours in your washing machine tub, there’s a need to run it twice. Also, run it once or twice every week to ensure that it is cleaned properly. This is undoubtedly one of the best washing machine tub cleaner tips that you should be well aware of. 

  6. Never overload your washing machine

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    Every washing machine comes with its own laundry loading capacity. If you load more clothes than your machine’s actual capacity, it will start facing issues. Thus, we would highly recommend you not to overstuff it. Overloading means that your clothes are not going to get enough space to get cleaned. You should also see to it that your machine is not wasting a lot of water if you are using half of its actual capacity. 


    Maintaining your washing machine is not an activity that can be done on your own. Thus, it is always recommended for you to seek help from the best washing machine maintenance providers. You can count on Nakoda Urban Services for the same! Apart from that, even if you are looking for the best house cleaning services in Delhi, you can contact our team in no time.