5 Easy Ways How to Prevent Bad Smells from the Bathroom

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Introduction how to prevent bad smells from the bathroom

The bathroom is a problematic space to keep clean and fresh smelling. If you think about the daily how to prevent bad smell from the bathroom, which causes due to moisture, then it is easy to understand why the bathroom can be problematic when it comes to smell. 

How to prevent bad smell in bathroom

A common source of smells is the organisms that usually reside in the sewer of your bathroom. These organisms make a home in your bathroom and generate sewer gas inside the fixtures, which form moulds in your bathroom. 

Mould is a fungus that you can find in a variety of environments. The mould comes in green, black, brown or white spots on some surfaces. Your floors, walls and even ceilings are at risk of being attacked by this bad thing. Unfortunately, it can also hide within your house, so you are not able to find it, which will only cause you extra trouble in terms of the mould getting scattered all around the house.

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Here are some ways to ways to prevent bad odour from bathroom -

Ventilate The Space
Much of the problems with an odour that occurs in the bathroom happen due to moisture building up and not drying out, which can cause small patches of Mould. Mould is most often blackish and will appear in the corners of your room. An easy trick to deal with this is opening your windows regularly to allow fresh air into the bathroom, which will also help dry out any present moisture. If you don't have a window, keep the bathroom door open when the bathroom is not in use, especially after showers or baths.

Clean Regularly
This one is easier said than done, but keeping your bathroom clean whenever you finish is necessary after a shower and removing excess moisture from the room. In addition, the continual drying of your bathroom will prevent the likelihood of mould growth.

Fragrance Lamp or Scent Diffuser
You can add a Fragrance Lamp to the space, which will emit a pleasant fragrance to mask some of the daily odours that plague the bathroom. A scent diffuser typically consists of fragrance oil derived from plants and is vaporised through reed sticks or an aromatic mechanical device. It makes the bathroom refreshing.

Prevent it from Moulds
Moulds can grow anywhere inside and outside the home with food sources and moisture. Bathrooms, kitchens, and basements are common places where mould is likely to increase. Aside from these, Moulds can also grow in other rooms where moisture and warmth exist. A musty odour shows moulds have attacked your home. Mould affects our health. It gives a severe health risk, especially to those with respiratory problems or air quality ailments.

Keep Towels Clean and Dry
Always hang towels at the dry place after every use and wash them at least once a week. While washing, use bleach or use hot water to kill germs. Don’t forget to use a dryer after washing as a towel, as a wet towel can spread a damp smell and provide home to bacteria and fungi.

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Bathroom smells can be difficult to track down but not impossible. So it's surprising how some problems have relatively easy remedies. Luckily, it's not difficult to prevent the mould from growing in the bathroom, but it is possible to know how to eliminate bad smell from toilet.