5 Reason Why Kitchen Dishwasher not Draining

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A Dishwasher is an important machine that helps keep our kitchen clean. The Dishwasher functions every time we clean our dishes, so it is bound to get maintenance issues often. A clean dishwasher will provide smooth and efficient cleaning of your dishes. But it may malfunction when it is not cleaned enough or has food substances stuck in pipes and gaps.

Dishwasher not draining is a common problem caused by water accumulation or reverse flow of the wastage that can spill on you or your kitchen floor. These issues can cause a major nuisance in the everyday life of the kitchen. So it is required to find the root cause and deal with it effectively.

Why Cleaning a Clogged Dishwasher is Necessary?

There can be many issues related to an unclean dishwasher if not maintained properly for a very long period. A dirty and clogged dishwasher can create various difficulties. 
Your Dishwasher's performance gets affected by the dirt accumulation inside the dishwasher body or drainage pipe. The dirt or waste substances inside the drainage area may make the dishes even dirtier.

If the wastage accumulation is inside the pipe, it may obstruct the drainage and cause an overflow of the wastewater. This wastewater can get spilled over your floor.
The waste foods stuck in the gaps and pipes can cause irritating smell issues by getting decayed. It may also cause bacteria or fungus infestation inside your Dishwasher.

Why is the Dishwasher not Draining?

Clogged Filter

The Dishwasher's filter is located at its base. Sometimes it gets blocked by wastage and food particles dumped in Dishwasher. These particles may obstruct the passage of water, making it stay inside the Dishwasher. Even the modern dishwashers with minute openings in the filter can get clogged with tiny food particles. You need to empty your Dishwasher and have a look to find out if this is the reason for a Dishwasher not draining.

Blocked Drain Hose

Another reason for a Clogged dishwasher may be a blocked drain hose. The drain hose can get clogged for multiple reasons. Sometimes food particles get stuck inside the pipe, making it difficult to drain. While various times it may occur due to any foreign material other than food accidentally falling inside the Dishwasher and getting inside the filter.

Anything like sand, pebbles, sticks or something else can be the reason. Sometimes even corrosion may occur inside the drain hose and obturate the water passage entirely. You can disconnect the drain hose and blow air through it to find out anything blocking the path.

Fallacious Drainage Valve

Suppose a Dishwasher won't drain properly; then there is a problem with the drainage valve. The drainage valve opens so that it lets the water from the dishwasher body pass through it easily to the drainage holes, but when a reverse flow occurs, it stops the water from re-entering the washing compartment.
If the drainage valve doesn't work properly and is stuck in its place, it will not let the water pass through it. It will cause water accumulation inside the dishwasher unit. You can push the drainage valve gently with your fingers to ensure it is stuck or still working.

Damaged Drain Pump

A drain pump helps suck the water in at adequate pressure to empty the dishwasher unit after completing a full cycle. The pump allows the water to flow smoothly through the drainage pipe. The drain pump has an impeller that rotates and makes the pump work effectively.
If something stocks between the rotors of the impeller, the entire pump will stop working. Check your pump if anything is stuck inside it and corrupts its function. Any drain pump blockage can interrupt the drainage pipe's water flow.

Blockage in the Garbage Disposal

A blocked garbage disposal can be why the Dishwasher not draining properly. Usually, a drainage hose connects to a garbage disposal unit and collects garbage from the drainage water. If the garbage disposal unit is clogged with food particles and grease, it can disrupt the water flow through the drainage pipe. If needed, check your garbage disposal unit for waste materials and other elements to know why there is no drainage.


In the kitchen, we often face problems like the Dishwasher not draining properly. Many options are available to make it function smoothly, with several preventive tricks. The article explains the most common reason why your Dishwasher not draining. If you can not identify the problem, don't hesitate to contact professional cleaning services like Nakoda Urban Services.

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