Best top 10 Hand Sanitiser Brands in India

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Everyone wants a good hand sanitiser nowadays, and many Hand Sanitiser Brands exist in India. But how do you know if the one you use is effective or not? According to a report by the Indian Journal of Medical Research, hand sanitisers have increased significantly in India over the past few years.

In large part, it is due to the recent pandemic and growing awareness of the importance of hand hygiene among the general population. We have compiled a list of India's 10 best hand sanitiser brands based on their popularity, efficacy, and availability. You can find out if your preferred brand is on this list.

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Hand sanitiser brands available in Indian Market

Hand sanitisation is a simple and effective way to prevent the spread of various diseases such as the common cold. It can help you avoid getting sick, so keep yourself and others healthy by cleaning and sanitising your hands often! You can use products from the following hand sanitisers companies in India and protect yourself from several diseases.


Himalaya provides skincare and face cleaning products, like face scrubs and face masks, so you can be sure that their hand sanitisers are gentle on your hands. They sell hand sanitisers in various sizes and scents ensuring that your hands remain sanitised and fragrant at all times. Himalayas PureHands range is herbal and alcohol-based, preventing infection without being harsh on your skin.


Dettol is one of the oldest hygiene companies in India, with decades of experience in disinfectants and soap products. Their hand sanitiser guarantees to kill 99.99% of all germs and have a mild and non-irritating odor. It is also one of the Indian brands that provide the cheapest hand sanitiser.


Like Dettol, Savlon is well known for its cleaning and sanitising products. It has a broad number of products, with its new Hexa range that is the best amongst all and of the highest quality available in the market.


Purell is an American brand and one of India's latest foreign Hand Sanitiser Brands. It is well known for its efficacy in the US. Despite its price, people who use it are captivated by its quality, skin feel and cleanliness.


Another classic brand known for its hygiene products, Savlon has a great track record with sanitisers, with all sizes available, from 55ml for your pocket to commercial and hospital-ready containers.

Dr. Batras

Dr. Batras is one of the only alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser Brands in India. Their formula is an aloe vera-based gel that moisturizes your skin whenever applied. So, if isopropyl or ethyl alcohol causes an adverse reaction, this is one of the best choices for you. Its effective anti-dryness technology differentiates it from other alcohol-based sanitisers.


Sterillium is the familiar blue surgical-grade hand disinfectant we have all recognised over the past few years. It is not a hand sanitiser but a skin disinfectant. However, it serves the same purpose with extreme efficiency and speed.


Although they might not seem to fit in with the other Hand Sanitiser Brands in India that are present in the market, their product is surprisingly effective. It has a good fragrance and many on-the-go options, including spray-ons and gels. It is non-sticky and non-toxic, making it a great contender amongst other brands on this list.


Santic is well known for its commercial and bulk sizing of hand sanitisers. Most foot pedal-operated sanitiser pumps also use Santic. Its quick action and absorption make it an easy choice for use in public areas and places frequented by many people.


Zuci hand sanitisers are US FDA-approved, which is a very high and stringent safety standard. Their greatest advantage includes bright and brilliant packaging and fruity flavors like strawberry. Zuci also offers a dedicated kids range, which you will not find in other Hand Sanitiser Brands in India. It makes cleanliness fun for children and adults and makes you want to clean your hands regularly.


We have shared a list of 10 hand sanitizer brands in India with you; some of the best ones include Dettol, Lifebuoy, Purell, Kleenex, and Cipla. These companies have a great variety of hand sanitiser products that will kill germs and bacteria. So, if you are looking for a good hand sanitizer, check out one of these brands and keep your hands clean.

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