Why does My Sofa Smell Musty?

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Sofas are one of the essential amenities in a house. Many of our special memories are associated with sofas. Whether sitting alone, lost in thoughts or with family, watching a movie, or gaming, a sofa is present in all those moments. And repeated use of the sofa may make the sofa dirty. It is reflected most when a sofa smells musty. As a sofa sits still in an open place for extended periods, the dust and dirt accumulate on it. The sofa may also experience a spill of drinks or foods, leading to even a dirtier sofa.

As we wash other clothes or fabric materials to revitalise them, a sofa also needs cleaning when it gets dirty. But washing a sofa is not at all an easy task. The sheer size of the sofa makes it impossible to wash them at home. You will often require professional expert service providers like Nakoda urban service to deep clean the sofa effectively.

Reasons why my Sofa Smells Musty

There can be several possible reasons why a sofa smells musty. Mustiness is nothing but the moisture accumulation on the surface of the sofa. The sofa contains feathers, foams and other synthetic materials to make it soft. During the summer and rainy season, when the humidity is at its peak, sofa materials capture moisture and lock it inside. The sofa frame made with wood is also likely to absorb water.

1) The soaked moisture makes the sofa smells musty and weird. As a musty odour arises from the sofa, it creates discomfort and ruins your favourite sitting spot. The lack of washing allows the moisture to stay longer.

2) Sitting on the sofa while sweating or keeping a wet towel on it can cause the sofa to soak the moisture. It later becomes a breeding place for a bacterial infestation that creates an even worse smell.

3) If the sofa is built using the inner materials that were not properly dried and had some moisture left, it can make your new sofa smells musty.

4) The amount of moisture the sofa will carry depends on its material. If the material captures more water, it will smell terrible, and you can also witness wet patches.

5) Moisture can also contribute to fungal growth on the inner material of a sofa. If the sofa is not cleaned or appropriately washed for a more extended time, the fungus can grow inside. It is a significant issue and needs severe steps by professionals to treat.

How to Prevent Sofa Smelling

There are various ways to prevent your sofa from having a musty smell. You can take several steps to the musty couch smell removal. Sometimes the scent is mild, so the effective remedies work on it. But sometimes, the smell is high and dragging the moisture out is difficult and makes the sofa smells musty.

1) It would be best to inspect your sofa first to learn precisely where the smell comes from. The smell centre may require more attention and treatment than other parts.

2) You can vacuum dry the entire couch and sofa to ensure the moisture flows inside the vacuum. Cleaning your sofa with a vacuum step must be followed periodically to prevent your sofa from smells musty.

3) Baking soda can sometimes eliminate bad smells, including the musty smell arising from the sofa.

If the smell is strong, it may require cleaning the entire sofa. So you need to hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean the sofa.


Musty smells can be irritating and can make you uncomfortable using the sofa. So to prevent a situation where your sofa smells musty, hiring Nakoda's sofa cleaning service can help you get a professionally cleaned sofa by India's most trusted service provider.

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