Corner Table Design To Elevate Your Home Furniture

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An interesting corner table design can be a great conversation piece. It tastefully draws the attention of your guests while being a great piece of eye candy for your room. Wooden corner tables are a great little piece of furniture that adds just a little character and cachet to a room.
They are functional but highly decorative pieces, meant for their aesthetic appeal but also can be used for almost anything. Whether placing a house plant, lamp or figurine in a room, corner tables are a great piece of contemporary furniture. They can elevate your furniture game without being a significant expense on your pocket.

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Types Of Corner table design

Despite the common perceptions, corner tables need not be made of wood. They can be made of metal, ply, ceramic, and almost any other material, with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Iron and glass corner table

The most popular design for corner tables includes glass-topped wrought iron tables with a tantalising amount of filigree work and patterned legs. They are perfect for lying bare in the corner of your living room. This rather severe piece lends an air of sophistication and austereness to your room while being stately and elegant.

Tile and ceramic inlaid decorative corner table

Another trendy design is a simple painted wood table with no fancy carving or design work but an inlaid ceramic tile as the top surface. The tile can include patterns or be painted, designed by traditional ceramic working artisans. If you have the budget for it, you can have a custom-made art piece by a talented artist.

Corner Tables with hidden storage compartments

One popular option includes having a corner table with hidden compartments. It is a great way to store small items and organise your space, adding a touch of elegance to your space and bringing furniture functionality.

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Classic wood corner tables

If you want a less eclectic design, you could also go for classic wooden corner tables, which are more functional. You can get a wide variety of tables to suit your needs, look and budget. Depending on the type of wood, inlay and carving work, and size, you can get a great bang for your buck and at a steal compared to other furniture.

Bookshelf corner table

Another functional corner table design is a table that doubles as a mini bookshelf. It's great to show off all your favourite titles and is a convenient place to keep them. It also doubles as a place to keep photo albums, decorative pieces and knick-knacks.

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Quadrant-shaped corner design

A quadrant-shaped corner table design is a great way to break up hard edges in your room and soften the lines' sharpness. It is a design element that can redirect the room's energy. It is also a great way to have furniture while maximising your available floor space.

Adjustable Corner Tables

One thing to consider when choosing a corner table is the size of your space. Make sure to choose a table that will fit comfortably in the corner of your room. You also want to ensure that the table is the right height for your space. Or you can skip the measuring altogether and get an adjustable corner table design, which you can adjust and place anywhere in your home.

Custom Designs

You may want a custom table corner design, which can be easily made to order. Whatever design you have in mind, you can get it done with Nakoda Urban Services. If you so choose, we can use the material you provided or procure to make your custom-designed wooden corner table.


As with any furniture, the cost influences our decision to select a good corner table design. We always try to get affordable furniture that looks great. You can get it made via a local carpenter, but that's no guarantee that you'll get the quality you want. Instead, Nakoda Urban Services can take care of all your furniture-related needs.
From building custom pieces to restoration and repair, they can do it all. They can even refurbish and repurpose any old furniture providing it with a second lease on life. You can have the wooden corner tables and other furniture you always dreamt of at affordable prices.

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