Different Type of Cleaning Services

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It has been some while now that we have accepted the new shifts in all our lives and start blending in the New Us. One questions which kept popping was the difference in Cleaning, Sanitization and Disinfectant. So let us first understand the difference in 3 major hygiene process.

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Clean: We can safely say a surface or contact area is clean if we have removed dirt and debris from it. This will not remove germs/bacteria/microorganism, but reduce their number by removing some contaminated matter from the surface.

Sanitizing: This is a process which effectively reduces bacteria to a safe level ( a pre-defined standard by public health experts). Sanitization kills a large number of bacteria if done properly.

For any and every sanitization to be successful the surface once treated with chemical/heat should be left untouched and undisturbed for 30 sec.

Sanitization effectively stops the growth of microorganisms by destroying their suitable microhabitat

Disinfecting: The process of disinfecting ensures 99.9 % of germs and pathogens are removed from the contact area. The only difference in Sanitization and Disinfection Jiis the type of chemical used and the stay of it on the surface.

For effective disinfection, one must allow the chemical on the treated surface to rest for 10 min. Also, the process of disinfectant varies from Sanitization. (The details of the process will be discussed in my following blogs).

Also, the chemicals used for disinfection are strong in nature and may cause harm to the exterior of the surface. This is a major reason why disinfecting each and every contact surface is not advised.

It is safe to say Self Hygiene and Sanitization practices for self, food and contact surfaces, can save us from a lot of bacteria and viruses.


Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!