Prolong The Life Of Your Sofa With Effective Sofa Cleaning Methods
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Prolong The Life Of Your Sofa With Effective Sofa Cleaning Methods

Your sofa is probably the highly used piece of furniture in your home. It is there to give your guests a warm welcome or when you want to enjoy a football game with your loved ones. It goes through a lot, from enduring the food spillage accidents to the dust particles that stick to its surface. Thus, sofa cleaning is serious but one of the most overlooked concerns. It is essential to maintain the hygiene of your sofa set, which guarantees it a long life and ensures a healthy living space. 


Practical Sofa Cleaning Methods: Maintain Your Sofa's Health


Let The Vacuum Suck-In: As you are all set for a sofa cleaning session, the foremost thing to ensure is cleaning all the dirt and debris from its surface. The best way to do this is with the help of a vacuum cleaner. You can additionally use a dust-buster to ensure that every dust particle is sucked off from the sofa. You must also clean the cushions and the base of the sofa.


Odour Removal With Baking Soda: If your sofa stinks of all the food items you have spilt on it over time, befriend baking soda! It not only removes any foul odour from the sofa but also works on stain removal. If your sofa's upholstery is solvent suitable, you can prepare a mixture of baking soda with water and sprinkle it on the entire sofa. Once it settles down and dries up, you can remove it with the help of a vacuum cleaner or a soft cloth. 


Spot Treatment: It is not uncommon to have ugly-looking food stains on the sofa. Getting rid of these spots is a crucial part of sofa deep cleaning services. You can do it by using a mild spot removal chemical on the surface. Make sure to follow the instructions written on the label of the stain remover, else you may spoil the sofa. You should always use a soft washcloth for removing the spot and avoid rubbing as doing so may spread it.


Clean The Cushions: While cushions do provide additional levels of comfort and style to your sofa, they also require deep cleaning. It is essential to frequently wash the cushion covers in a good quality cleaning detergent that does not mess with the fabric. If the cushion covers are machine washable, then the job becomes much easier for you! Make sure to dry and iron them before putting them back on properly.


Clean The Exposed Hard Surface:Do not forget to clean the hard surface during your sofa cleaning session. The material requires equal amounts of attention and cleaning. You must find a cleaning agent that goes well with the quality of your sofa material and doesn't hamper with it. You can also use a polishing agent to restore your sofa's condition and provide it with a more updated look.


These are some easy-to-do sofa cleaning tips that come in handy for prolonging the health and quality of your sofa. 

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