How to Clean Chimney- Ways you can Follow

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Chimneys are installed in the kitchen and fireplace to avoid smoke in the house. They create a passage for the smoke and other particles to go away from your home, becoming dirty. We provide you with a step wise method on how to clean chimney.

Chimneys consist of three main parts, including pipe, blower and filters. Different chimneys have different levels of efficiency. The efficiency of a chimney depends on the layers of filters used in it. Chimney filter cleaning is essential to keep the performance of the chimney optimum.

How chimney helps your home

Kitchen chimneys prevent the smoke from flowing throughout the house, causing any problems in breathing. The chimneys also avoid the deposition of oil on the walls and floor of the kitchen. It also keeps the odour and foul smells away. It keeps our home clean.

Preventing these helps the house to maintain the air quality. It helps avoid breathing disorders and maintains a pleasing aroma inside the house. A kitchen chimney is a regularly and frequently used kitchen appliance that stands as the most beneficial product in the kitchen.

The frequent use makes the chimney dirty and greasy with the oil accumulation. Therefore it has been a familiar yet frequent question how to clean chimneys?

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What happens if the chimney is left dirty
The chimney is an integral part of the modern-day kitchen. The cleanliness of the chimney reflects the overall cleanliness of the kitchen. Before knowing how to clean a chimney? We must understand why to clean the chimney.

Prevent oil stains from kitchen
Chimney prevents the oil accumulation in the kitchen and keeps it clean. The fumes released during cooking contain oil vapours. If the chimney is absent or not cleaned, the oil fumes spread through the kitchen, causing greasy stains on floor tiles, walls and ceiling.

Avoids unnecessary odour
Cooking different foods creates odours that are unnecessary and may cause breathing discomfort. Some smells can even be harmful and make you uncomfortable. A clean chimney helps to prevent these smells from entering our inhalation tract.

Give the kitchen a clean aesthetics
A clean chimney improves the look of your kitchen. It sucks all the unwanted dirt particles inside and makes the kitchen clean. 

Keeps the kitchen ventilated
The air gets sucked into the chimney and flows away, letting new air take over that place. It keeps the kitchen ventilated and cools the room.

How to clean chimney

There are various proven ways to clean the chimney at your home. Here we discuss some ways to clean a kitchen chimney.

Dishwasher or shampoo
Dishwashers and shampoos are effective in cleaning specks of dirt. If you don't know how to clean chimney with it, you should get started by taking a half bucket of water and applying shampoo to it. Soak the brushes and rub the pipe to remove all the gunk.

Caustic soda
Caustic soda or sodium hydroxide is a potent cleansing agent. Hence, you should wear gloves during the cleaning process. Soak the chimney filters in the hot water-filled sink and sprinkle a little caustic soda. Leave the filters in hot water and scrub them to remove the gunk. After the filters are cleaned, drag them out to dry.

Baking soda
Baking soda is another cleansing agent. Fill the sink with hot water and add baking soda and rock salt. If you want a robust solution, you may add vinegar to it. Soak the filter in it for 3 hours. After the soaking, you can wipe and dry the filter.

Degreasing spray
The oil and dirt make the chimney greasy and grime. Applying degreasing spray directly on the filters and a bit of scrubbing helps to clean the chimney filter.

Professional help
If your kitchen chimney is filthy and the filters look like it needs to be replaced, you may ask for a professional's help to clean the chimney and replace the filters.

How often does the chimney need to be cleaned?

Using the techniques mentioned above to clean your chimney depends on the intensity of fumes generated in the kitchen and the chimney's frequency. Usually, a kitchen chimney needs to be cleaned at least once in two months.


The chimney prevents your kitchen from getting dirty by absorbing dirt and stains. In this article, we discuss various methods of how to clean chimney. Cleaning your chimney will boost its performance and make your kitchen look beautiful.

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