How to protect home appliances from voltage fluctuation?

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Voltage fluctuation is one of the main reasons for the breakdown of different electric appliances. The instability of voltage includes both high and low voltage that restricts the smooth and proper working of a device. With modern advancements, various methods are available to prevent it. 

Home Appliances from Voltage Fluctuation

An electric appliance needs the right amount of voltage to work efficiently. If the voltage is more or less than the required voltage, the machine is likely to get affected, which can lead to complete damage to the item. A sudden voltage fluctuation can often lead to visible sparks and blast sounds, which can have severe consequences, like house fire or electrocution of a loved one.

In order to avoid unnecessary damage occurring due to voltage fluctuation, this article will discuss some of the best ways to protect your appliance during voltage fluctuation.

What is a Voltage Fluctuation?

Voltage fluctuation is divided into two types. Sometimes it can be high voltage, or sometimes it can be under voltage. Under voltage occurs when the power system experiences an extensive use of high voltage required appliances, which results in the line providing a low voltage current. This low voltage current makes the lights flicker or deem. Electrical appliances are not supplied with an adequate current to function properly during these conditions.

High voltage issues are more grave in nature, as it provides a sudden spike in the current going into the device. If a device doesn't have a stabilizer to regulate the voltage, it may crash, or a short circuit may happen. Circuit breakers are commonly used to prevent unwanted accidents due to voltage spikes. It breaks the circuit, avoids any harm to the loss of appliances, and rescues the house from catching fire.

These voltage fluctuations can cause the failure of an appliance's system, causing various technical issues; this disrupts the device's working effectively, eventually corrupting the item entirely.

How Voltage Fluctuation Happens

There could be various reasons behind the fluctuating voltage. If left unchecked can lead to a significant problem. We describe a few reasons for voltage fluctuations:

Loose or damaged wiring in the supply wire of your house or from the primary power source can result in voltage fluctuation.

Overuse of high voltage appliances on a network can cause overloading, resulting in low voltage in supply, making your lights flicker or deem.

Using an inappropriate conductor wire carrying the connection between the power source and house might result in frequent voltage fluctuations.

A falling lightning bolt can create a voltage spike that may affect all the appliances in the house.

If open wires are clashing or linking together in the connection, it may cause voltage fluctuation.

How Voltage Fluctuation Affects our Appliances

The appliances and devices we use in our day-to-day life require a steady flow of voltage. If the voltage fluctuates often, it may create much nuisance. From the disturbance in proper lighting to major life-threatening issues, voltage fluctuations can cause damage to your life and property.

If your appliance lacks a voltage stabilizer, constant voltage disturbances can affect the appliance's functioning.

Constant voltage fluctuation could result in appliance heating and, in the worse case, could be a source of a house fire.

The repeated change in voltage can cause damage to the wires and fixtures of a device or the entire house. Over a long time can slowly damage the insulation layers of the wiring, making it an open wire.

The product may also catch fire and produce hazardous smoke causing breathing disorders.

The low voltage stops the device from functioning correctly, making it useless during a critical situation. It makes gradually causes irreversible damage to the appliance.

Ways to Prevent Voltage Fluctuation

The voltage fluctuation can cause a significant disturbance in your life. Voltage disturbances can hamper our life in various ways and affect a device creating a life-threatening situation. Even though power disturbance is one of the biggest problems in developing countries, it has multiple power fluctuation solutions.

Purchasing and replacing an electrical appliance with an in-built or connected stabilizer can help you stand against voltage fluctuations. No matter the amount of power in the line, the stabilizer provides the device with only the specific amount of power to perform its work.

A voltage surge protector decides the required amount of electricity going into the house's electric system and works as a high-low voltage protector for the home. It helps under both high and low voltage situations.

Fixing a circuit breaker board in the house can help you prevent mishaps. If an overload occurs, the circuit breaker will cut off the power supply to avoid heating of electrical appliances, which have been known to cause a house fire.

Devices plugged in during a storm can also be overloaded. Unplugging the appliances during a storm will protect your appliances from catching fire.

During lightning, installed earthing wires or circuits help you fight against natural voltage spikes. The earthing passes the vast amount of electricity directly to the ground keeping the whole house unharmed.


Voltage fluctuation can put you and your loved ones in grave danger. Hiring a professional electrician service provider like Nakoda Urban Services will provide you with ease of mind. They can take care of all the requirements and help you avoid mishaps.

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