How to Select the Best Wall Fixing Almirah Design

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If you want to get the most appealing and spacious look for your room, you must consider choosing the best types of wall-fixing almirah design. A carefully selected almirah design would make your room spacious and tidy, which will enhance the interior design and decor of your room.

Choose Best Almirah Design

You can choose from several styles and materials for your wall-fixed almirah. You can select the best wall almirah according to your budget and room type. It can provide the best aesthetics to your room and ensure that you get enough storage space.

Types of Almirah

There are several types of almirah available in the market; below are a few of the most prominent types of almirah:

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Sliding Almirah: These almirahs have sliding doors, providing the sleekest look and bringing the most modern wall almirah design to your room. These types of almirahs are perfect for everyday urban living. You can get a lot of storage space in these almirahs. So, you can easily choose these almirahs for keeping a large number of clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

Hinged Almirah: If you love conventional interior decor for your room, you can choose a Hinged almirah. These almirahs have a hinged style door and are considered traditional wooden almirahs. You can find several colors, styles, and wood finishes for these almirahs.

Fitted Almirah: You can choose it if you don't have much space in your room and yet want to have the most fashionable-looking almirah for your room. These are also called wall-mounted almirahs. These almirahs are in the latest vogue and also have several advantages over other types of almirahs. You can get the best vertical space and the best look for the interior with these almirahs.

Stand-alone almirah is another popular modern wall almirah design for your home. You can get several colors for these almirahs to add more space to your room. It is a traditional type of almirah design where you can choose to get more space to store your clothes and other essentials.

Materials for Wall-Fixed Almirahs

Modern wall almirah design utilizes various materials, which are described below

Wood: Wood is considered the most common material for building wall-fixed almirahs. Wood is chosen to provide a rustic and traditional look to your interior. You can give a natural look to your room by selecting from several grains, textures, and coatings that perfectly match wooden almirahs. You can also get shine, durability, and the best sustainability with wooden almirahs.

Glass: Glass almirahs are the most fashionable looking almirah design for your room. You can ensure an aesthetic appearance for your space with glass almirahs. If you want to stay updated with fashionable-looking interiors, you can choose glass almirahs. Also, your room will get a compact and enhanced look with this wall-fixing almirah design. These almirahs can be easily cleaned and maintained.

MDF: MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard and is a type of engineered wood. Natural wood warps under high temperature and high humidity conditions, which allow the almirahs to be affected by pests. On the other hand, MDF is long-lasting and more durable.

So, if you want to get a simple yet elegant style with your interior decor, you can choose the MDF almirah for your room. Moreover, these almirahs are less expensive than wooden almirahs.


So, suppose you want to choose the best types of wall fixing almirah design for interior decor. In that case, you must consider your almirah's material, finishing, and spaciousness. You can always ask for expert guidance from Nakoda Urban Services to know more about the types and advantages of wall-fixed almirahs.

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