Pro Tips to Fix your Kitchen Sink Problems In No Time

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Even though the kitchen sink is one of the most crucial parts of a kitchen, it is so hard to clean. Moreover, it gets dirty fast, and sometimes it just feels like a lost cause to clean it. The worst part is that if you neglect the cleanliness for a while, you soon start having kitchen sink problems.

Fix Your Kitchen Sinks Problems

A clogged sink makes you think that it's just not possible to clean it. There is a lot you need to consider while sink cleaning, but if you follow the techniques given below, the sinks in your kitchen will be shining and spotlessly clean in no time.

Although the sinks in your bathroom and kitchen are the same, they face different uses and require different cleaning techniques and maintenance schedules. Here are some easy cleaning techniques to solve most of your kitchen sink problems.

Fix your Dishwasher Filter

If you have dishwasher drainage problems, the best thing to do is check the filter and ensure it's not clogged. If it is clogged, run the cycle again to try and clear it normally. If you have a buildup of sludge in your drain basket, clear it to ensure there's no food stuck in it. Consider pre-washing dishes before placing them in the dishwashing unit.

Check the Sink's Drainpipe

Check if the dishwasher drain pipe isn't bent out of place or has a kink, which might obstruct water flow. Generally, several kitchen sink problems arise due to a clogged sink drainpipe. If it is clogged, you can pour equal parts of baking soda and white vinegar and let sit for 15 minutes, this should get rid of clogs. 

Clear the Working Sink Area

It will be best to clear the sink of unwanted material like cutlery, crockery, and any visible food crumbs. It is also good to clean the sink filter of accumulated food waste and other larger particulate matter. Getting rid of this is the key to eradicating your kitchen sink problems.

Chemical Agents for a Thorough Clean

You need to coat the sink's surface with baking soda and use a soapy sponge or scrub to wash down the dirt towards the drain. If there are rust or coffee stains, you can use a dilution of Hydrogen Peroxide (available at your pharmacy) to scrub them off.

Restore your Stainless Steel Sink

If your sink is made of stainless steel, you can remove most rust stains with salt. If you squeeze lemon juice with salt to make a paste, you can put it over the rust-stained area. After fifteen minutes or so, you will be able to wash off all the rust stains. You don't need expensive and harsh chemical rust removers, just some basic household items to eliminate kitchen sink problems.

Deodorise the Sink Area

Cleaning your Kitchen sink is not enough. It would help if you got rid of odors too. You can use lemon juice and baking soda mixture and flush it through the sink drain. Before doing this, you should run hot water down the drain for a while to soften and loosen any grime and grease. If you want to eliminate the odors, it's best to go in for a professional deep clean.

Regular Sink Cleaning Schedule

It may seem a bit obvious, but regularly cleaning your sink is the key to preventing kitchen sink problems. It doesn't take much effort daily, but over time it saves you untold amounts of work and money. It does mean you can't leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight, so you'll need to do something about that. Regular cleaning ensures that the grime, scale, and sludge do not get a chance to solidify in your kitchen sink.
It is much easier than doing a thorough sink cleaning every time. If you have left it so, you still don't need to do it yourself. You could always hire a professional kitchen cleaning service like Nakoda Urban Services to do deep kitchen cleaning jobs easily.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is better than cure is especially true for sinks. You can buy special filters to trap food from going down your kitchen sink drain and causing several kitchen sink problems. To maintain the gloss of your kitchen sink, getting a tool that descales and removes hardness from your water can be used. It needs to be placed in the entry to your water source. However, it has a filter that needs to be replaced regularly. It is much better than manually descaling all the water fixtures in your home, including showerhead, taps, faucets, sinks, and drains.


We all know how hard it is to clean a sink. Thankfully you have Nakoda Urban Service to care for your difficult-to-handle kitchen sink problems. Our plumbing and kitchen cleaning services can do all types of kitchen cleaning. So, beyond your sinks and drains, we deep clean and sanitize everything in your kitchen, making sure your kitchen areas look beyond compare. You won't be able to believe the difference that we can make.

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