All Things you Need to Know About Acrylic Wall Putty

Acrylic Wall Putty 15

Wall putty is essential for making your home look prosperous. It is a clay-like substance made of cement called white cement putty, or polymer base known as acrylic wall putty. It essentially fills the dents and cracks in the wall and makes the wall surface smooth and more adherent for the paint, without which the paint finish looks of very poor quality.
It acts as a binding agent to hold the paint to the wall for a long time. A good wall putty will ensure that the final paint on your walls looks spectacular.

What is Acrylic Wall Putty?

acrylic wall putty

Acrylic wall putty is a water-based putty that is alkali resistant and water-based, making it the perfect wall putty for interiors. Its smooth, butter-like consistency and water-resistant nature ensure you get the perfect finish for your walls.
It prevents paint flaking better when compared with Plaster of Paris, commonly known as POP. White cement-based putties are also gaining relevance these days, but they are not so easy to use and cannot be stored for a long time.

How do you use Acrylic Wall Putty?

Applying acrylic wall putty is super easy; you don't even need professionals to do it. Unlike other wall putties and plasters, you don't need to dilute and mix them; use them out of the box. After you clean the surface from dust, oil, and other contaminants, apply the first layer of putty, let it dry, and apply the finishing layer! You can't find anything easier than that.

What Surfaces can I use Acrylic Putty on?

Acrylic putty is best used on interior walls and wooden surfaces. It also works really well on primed walls, exposed brickwork, and drywall surfaces.

What are the Advantages of Acrylic Putty?

There are several advantages of using acrylic wall putty over others, and we mention some of its benefits.

Superior Quality

As mentioned before, it provides a superior finish and makes the walls and the painting work done on them pleasing to look at. As it is meant as an undercoat, it is only available in white color. For the best result, match the paint with the putty. For example, use Berger paints only with Berger acrylic putty.

Blazing Fast Working Time

Along with the quick application, it has quick drying too. So, if you have an emergency job, you can complete the whole thing in less than 20 minutes.

Amazing Affordability

Wall putties are relatively inexpensive, especially for the advantages they provide. They are a cost-effective solution for all your paint protection problems; a few cost as little as ?19/kg.


The wall putty gives your paint good strength and water resistance for several years, and it's nontoxic, too, meaning your family is always safe. It also has good binding properties, which stop your paint from fading.

Long Shelf Life

Acrylic wall putty also has the longest shelf life of one year. It means that if you have any extra left over, you can always use it for odd jobs around the house that need a bit of repair and restoration.

A Word of Advice!

One point to note that you should keep in mind is how well it works with primer and other painting products. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and you should heed whatever instructions you give on the box. Asian Paints Acrylic putty does not need any use of a primer before painting. In contrast, others require one coat of primer before and after putty application.


Acrylic wall putty is a wonderful invention for painting and protecting your home from wear and tear damage. It is inexpensive yet, sturdy enough to be considered to find its use in your house. You can do all your painting work independently or hire professionals from Nakoda Urban Services.
We have many experts who can help you with all the design and technical decisions you need. If you contact us, we will explain the benefits of using white cement putty or acrylic wall putty and work according to your requirements.

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