Benefits of northwest-facing house Vastu shastra

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When we talk about Vastu Shastra, we refer to the ancient Indian science of architecture. It deals with the study of space concerning buildings and homes. As per the Vastu shastra, north, south, east, and west directions are considered auspicious, while the northeast and southwest are deemed unfavourable. A north west facing house, Vastu is complex, with several benefits but significant risks too. These aspects must be taken into account when planning a home.

Benefits of northwest-facing house Vastu shastra

If the house facing Northwest is not Vastu compliant, it may lead to friction at a personal level. It may also result in some serious legal issues and financial problems. Due to these reasons, it is essential to adhere to Vastu tips for Northwest facing houses.

North west direction Vastu

A north west facing house is considered auspicious because of its location. However, a North West facing house Vastu does not mean all the problems are solved. You need to take care of your home and ensure you are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each aspect of the construction of your house. But first, these points will let you know all you need to know about north west Vastu.

Constant Opportunities

North West Vastu is ruled by Vayu, the wind and controlled by the Moon. The wind element represents movement and change. Vayu, the god of the wind, known as "Sadhakathi", means constantly moving.
It means when you go out, there is always something happening. It can bring luck or bad luck, depending on your chance and how you approach a given opportunity.

Saving wealth

The extension of north west Vastu rooms leads to a shortening of the East or Espanya, which is inauspicious due to its high cost. Extending it can prevent poverty and expenses.

Fertility and harmony

A Northwest-facing house Vastu will help you maintain harmony within your home. You will also be able to become parents quickly if you live in this area. Northwest houses also bring out the best qualities in your partner and children. You will also experience less stress during pregnancy and childbirth because the energy will flow positively toward you.

Interior Decor

A north west facing house should ideally have a kitchen and a fireplace on the southeast side. It is also suggested that the home have a main bedroom in the southwest corner, the pooja room in the northeast, and a bathroom on the west side. The house plans should have a living room in the northwest corner and a dining area on the east side of the house.

Best use for Northwest direction Vastu

North-West is an excellent place for a guest bedroom or a drawing-room. Also, it is a lovely spot for finished goods storage because it enables you to speed up the development of materials and fewer delays in installation. However, North west facing house Vastu should be free of any messiness and obstruction. Especially metal and other trash, as it could result in management and legal problems.


Northwest-facing house Vastu,  if appropriately used, can make a massive difference to your life. Although Northwest is not considered the best in Vastu, it also has some great benefits. Suppose you learn to circumnavigate the common pitfalls and Vastu doshas associated with the Northwest direction. In that case, you can quickly fill your life with wealth, prosperity, harmony, and happiness. You can also ward off many common legal, marriage, and family jealousy problems if you can effectively channel the positive aspects of Vayu through your home. Nakoda Urban Services can help you maintain your dream house in pristine condition through your home's deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, and plumbing services.

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