Best orange two colour combination for your bedroom walls and home

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"Two colour combinations" is a hot topic this season to make a bold statement or set an excellent theme for your room. Many of us are looking for the most pleasing orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls, from pastels to vibrant colours to neutral tones and dual-tone monochrome colours.

You could even choose your and your significant others' favourite colours to show in your bedroom, and how well they complement each other. Below are some of the hottest two-tone, bi-colour combinations that look great in any bedroom or living room and can fit the vibe you would like for your home.

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Warm Oranges to Make your Home More Inviting

Orange shades tend to go well with several other tints. Their warm, radiant tones make them an easy pick for homes to make the place look more cosy and welcoming. Orange and cream colours go well with yellow or white indoor lighting and are a flexible yet subtle pick for your bedroom. If you want more orange two-colour combinations for bedroom walls, you can book a consultation with Nakoda Urban Services.

Earthy Tones for a Natural Look

If you want a more earthy feel to your bedroom, you can have green or brown as your primary shade combined with orange. These two colour combinations for bedroom walls can exhibit a great combination.

Cool Colours for a Fabulous Home

You could pair orange with slate grey if you want a more relaxed look. It has a mild but crisp effect, primarily if used as a patterned texture, half-and-half wall, or any other two-colour combination wall.

Royal Purple to Show your Class

Are you trying to make your house look grand and magnificent? Deep purple and light orange can make a bold statement for your home. Be it your bedroom or living room. This two-colour combination will make people sit up and take notice of you.

Give Life to Plain White

Take your pick: a few playful dashes of bright, vibrant colour, teal, turquoise, bright orange, and sunny yellow, can transform your pure white interior into a much more happening space. If you're feeling extra flamboyant, you can use two bright contrasting colours with white to make a bold statement. We suggest using orange with occasional white to paint your walls.

Natural Greens with Floral Notes

Muted greens with orange flowers embedded in them are another excellent way to give your home a more grounded, earthy look with the essence of fire. These colours are more in tune with nature and make your home look relaxed and natural.

Classic Combinations for an Evergreen Look

Pink or blue combined with dark orange is excellent for any room in your house. The two-colour combination wall will surely make your home look light, airy, and open; a perfect choice, no doubt. It is great for spaces where people gather, like a living or dining room, giving it a very inviting feel and soothing and welcoming your guests.

Let your Colours Set your Mood

When choosing a colour combination for your bedroom, you must consider the mood you want to create. For example, suppose you're going to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. In that case, you may want to choose a beige and soft orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls. To create a more romantic and intimate atmosphere, you may want to choose a pink and orange colour scheme.

Show your Creativity and Style

You can have unlimited colour combinations and shades; your imagination and creativity are the only limits. The above varieties are just a small sample of ideas that we find popular. We at Nakoda Urban Services would love to hear about your thoughts and designs for a two-colour combination for your bedroom walls, reflecting your personality.


Nakoda Urban Services can help you choose the best paint combinations, home improvement ideas and designs. Besides the technical painting skill our company offers, we also pride ourselves on our painters' artistic ability and knowledge.

They have all the latest techniques for patterning, texturing and completing the dream paint job for your home. Nakoda Urban Services can implement those into reality whatever two-colour combination wall ideas you may have, including an orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls. Suppose you are unsure how to paint your home or would like a consultation. In that case, you can contact Nakoda Urban Services on their website here.

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