Wooden Panelling Wood Design for Your Interior

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Wooden panelling wood design enhances the house's overall beauty and serves various significant purposes. Let's see how these designs can help your interior. 

In ancient times, wood panels were used in the ceiling and floor to insulate the house and make it durable. But as time passed, Wooden panelling wood design became a form of architectural interior design. Nowadays, the wooden panel covers are not only on the ceiling and floor but are more found in covering walls.

When was Wood Panel Interior Design Emerge?

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Wood panels also create a protective layer for doors, furniture and other wooden materials. It gives an extra layer of protection and increases the longevity of the thing. The level of security a panel can provide depends on the quality of the material used in it.

Wooden panels are made from wooden planks or sheets wide enough to cover the surface and packed together. It is used to minimise the additional space required to install wooden panels—a panel consisting of three sheets: stiles, muntins and rails.

Wooden panelling wood design is a decorative architectural process used in the interior design of a house. This technique is being used for a reasonable period. In this technique, a house's interior walls are covered with thin wooden sheets called panels that give the place a comfortable feeling. It emerged in the 17th century in Europe, but the purpose was insulation. By the 18th century, it became more of a decoration.

Importance of Wooden Panelling for House Interior

In modern-day interior design, Wooden panelling wood design is used to serve a decorative purpose and enhance the look of the house interior by giving an aesthetic look. Here are some advantages of having wooden panelling to decide why you need to use them in your house interior.


The premium quality of wood is highly durable. The wooden wall panels can work perfectly for a very long time, saving you repairing or replacing expenditures. The maintenance is as easy as cleaning it using a cloth. Wood panels can be used for decades with low maintenance and nearly no repairing. It requires minimal care to maintain its gloss, which can be refreshed by applying resin, drying oil and paints to protect it.

Enhances the look

The primary reason for using Wood panel interior design is to make the interior look aesthetic and attractive. The wooden panels' natural patterns and faces make the house look classy. The brick walls or wallpapers can not create the minute detailing on wooden boards.

The natural style of various kinds of woods is unique and elegant. Different woods can create different looks for the interior of your home. You can also easily colour them and make them look as you need.

Insulating the House

Wood is a natural insulator. Using wooden panels in a home can make your home comfortable with a warm and soft ambience. The unique characteristics of the Wooden panelling wood design can keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer. It will help you save energy and reduce your electricity bill.

It Makes the Wall Soundproof.

The wood panels can also act as insulators for sounds. Using wooden panels inside the house will make your room peaceful by avoiding unnecessary sounds coming from outside. You can use them to avoid the sound from going outside of the room.

Easy Installation

Wooden panelling wood design is easy to install. The wooden pieces can be cut and fixed easily as per the requirement. You can put the pieces together quickly to form the panel. Unlike any other wall panelling, wooden panelling is easy to install and remove whenever necessary.

Types of Wooden Panels

There are numerous types of wood panelling available in the market. The panels are made from different woods and given different sizes and shapes to make them unique. The panels can be made from Walnut, Oak, Chestnut, and Mahogany wood. Following are some different kinds of panels available to choose from for your home.


Shiplap is a very famous kind of Wooden panelling wood design that is used in various modern houses. Woods are laid horizontally in this type of wooden panelling, overlapping each other. The rebate is connected tightly through the groove and forms a strong bond that avoids water or dust entrance. 

Tongue and Groove

Tongue-and-groove is an expensive wooden panel where a board's tongue connects to another board's groove. It fixes perfectly and gives a smooth and classy look to your interior.

Board and Batten

Board and Batten is a series of vertical boards overlaid with battens in the joints. This Wooden panelling wood design is unique and is tightly fixed with the walls. It is a very traditional technique that is still in use.


Wooden panels are perfect in looks and serve multiple essential benefits to the home. Using it could make your house look aesthetic and make your living comfortable. If you need professional service in installation, you can hire Nakoda Urban Services for the same. You can follow the content and choose the best Wooden panelling wood design for the interior of your home.

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